How to Edit Email Template in Shopware 6?

Email Template in Shopware 6

Email templates are very important because you send them to users every time they place orders, register, reset passwords or status of order changes. So, it’s ready important to customize your email template as per your brand.

To edit the email template in shopware 6 follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to the admin panel and go to the Settings > Shop > Email.

Step 2: On the Template section, click on the three-dot option and click on the Edit option.

Step 3: Now you can change the content of the email template.

  • Type: You can change the type of the email. Eg:- Cancellation invoice, Contact form, Credit note, Customer group change accepted.
  • Description: You can add the description of the email template. This is an optional field. You can skip this field.
  • Subject: In this field, you can add the subject of the email template.
  • Sender name: In this field, enter the shop name.
  • Plain text: You can change the content of the email.
  • HTML: In this field, you can add the content in HTML form.

Step 4: After editing the email template, click on the Save button.

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