How to Fix security on Typo3 websites?

In spite of being one of the world’s most secure CMS, website security is a never ending process and question arises that how to fix security on TYPO3 websites.

In today’s scenario security matters and people are spending more money on security. You should stay connected with dedicated TYPO3 security team like us for your tasks.

How to Fix security on Typo3 websites:

  • Secure all passwords
  • Keep you away from security threats
  • Core updates
  • Complete and regular backup
  • Remove unused extensions
  • Secure server architecture
  • Use latest security tools
  • Check Code quality
  • Reports
  • Check Permissions of Directories/ Files
  • Server Environment
  • Database security
  • TYPO3 Cookie
  • Disable errors
  • Limited access
  • Write secure script code

Fixing up of following security threats:

  • Information disclosure
  • Identity theft
  • Code Injection
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-site scripting

Many websites hack because of older security version. So, the latest Typo3 versions must be updated. To do that technical team helps you secure all passwords to avoid any unfavorable situation. Your website should run on HTTPS/SSSL which is important to speed-up site’s performance and also SEO ranking.

If you desire your worry about How to fix security on Typo3 websites can be taken by our technical security team with ease and accuracy. Security is the never-ending process and website development is not one-time, but you need to develop, maintain and secure your Typo3 website time to time.

How to fix security on TYPO3 websites?

  • Understand the hack threat
  • Prepare planning
  • Schedule to give efforts
  • Keep core and extensions up-to-date
  • Long term support
  • Fix technical issues and bugs

We suggest you to update TYPO3 website to the latest version and to increase performance, speed and security. Bay20 protect your online site from hackers, faster loading times, fix bugs and other maintenance issues. You can initiate with us for live chat if you feel upset on how to fix security on TYPO3 websites.