How To Install Admin Dashboard Charts Patch

How To Install Admin Dashboard Charts Patch

Magento have recently released Admin Dashboard Charts Patch

You can use these steps to update this patch manually

Steps to install Admin Dashboard Charts Patch in your store

Step 1: Download the patch from  -> Release Archive. You can download it after login with registered email id.

Step 2: open file MPERF-10509-CE-2019-03-13-06-31-24.diff which you get after download in your code editor e.g. sublime text.

Step 3: There is only file you have to update in this patch. Take backup of the file.

Step 4: Open the file in code editor and update it as mentioned in patch i.e. remove the –ve lines and add the +ve lines of the patch in file.

For Example:
–    const API_URL = ‘’; –Remove
+    const API_URL = ‘’; –Add

Step 5: Now save the file. Then flush the cache. Then the change is deflected in admin dashboard.