How To Install Plugins In Shopware 6?

Install Shopware Plugins

In Shopware 6, plugins are the essential means of extending the functionality of your site’s configuration. This can be accomplished by navigating to the custom/plugins directory in your Shopware 6 installation. Custom/plugins/Shopware 6 Demo data should appear in the plugins directory with the following contents: Shopware 6 Demo data.

Now there are two different methods to install the plugin.

  1. Through Admin Panel (Backend)

Step 1: Login to the admin panel and go to the Extension > My extensions

Step 2: On this option, you will find your plugin. Click on the Install appoption on the right side of your plugin.

Step 3: After installing your plugin, click on the switch button to activate the plugin.

Note: After activating your plugin, clear the cache and your plugin is good to go.

2. Through Command-Line.

Open your command line terminal and navigate to your Shopware 6 root directory. You need to refresh the list of plugins, which are already installed on the Shopware 6 store. This is done with the following command:

php bin/console plugin:refresh

There might be a warning appearing regarding the version of the composer.json file, but you can safely ignore that. You should end up with a list like the following:

Now you need to install and activate the plugin. You can use the below command to install and activate your plugins.

php bin/console plugin:install --activate Shopware 6 Demo data

Now the plugin is ready to use in your shopware 6 store.

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