How to offer free shipping options in Magento 2?

Free Shipping Options in Magento 2

Configure Free Shipping Option in magento 2

  1. Login to your admin.
  2. Go to STORES->Settings->Configuration as given below.

3. On the left side expand SALES tab and click on Shipping Methods section as image below.

a. Enabled:- Set Yes to enable the free shipping.

b. Title:- Set your title for the free shiping.

c. Method Name:- Set your method name for free shipping.

d. Minimum Order Amount:- Set the Minimum Order Amount for the free shipping.

e. Displayed Error Message:- Enter an error message that displays on checkout page if free shipping is not available.

f. Ship to Applicable Countries:- Select All Allowed Countries if you want to show this free shipping method to all country else select Specific Countries if you want to show for some specific country.

g. Ship to Specific Countries:- Now select your specific country.

h. Show Method if Not Applicable:- Set Yes if you want to show free shipping although it is not applicable.

i. Sort Order:- Set the order for free shipping.

4. Click on Save Config button as image below.

5. Clean the cache and refresh your page.

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