How To Remove Defective Extensions In Shopware 6?

Remove Defective Extensions In Shopware 6

If an application or theme is not working correctly, you need to eliminate it from your Shopware 6 website. If your initial instinct is to remove the malfunctioning software from the “My Extensions” section, you are correct. However, this procedure may be hindered by faulty tools. Hence, you must remove them manually. If something is preventing you from deactivating or uninstalling extensions and themes in “My Extensions,” you have arrived at the correct resource. To Remove Defective Extensions In Shopware 6, please follow the below mentioned methods:

Remove a defective extension

If you are unable to uninstall extensions and themes in the My Extensions section, you will need to delete the associated data from the Shopware database and remove the corresponding files from your server. It is crucial to create a backup beforehand, which can be restored in case of any issues.

Note:- Create a backup of your database and data before removing the extension data from database.

Disable extension functions

To begin with, it is essential to deactivate the functionalities associated with the impacted extension. For example, if it is a payment or shipping extension, ensure that the corresponding payment method or shipping method is disabled to prevent customers from utilizing them. In the case of a theme, switch to an alternative theme for your sales channel before proceeding.

Remove database entry of extension

If you want to disable the defect extension, you can update the entry in the active column of the database plugins to 0 in the plugins database table. Use this method when you no longer want to use a defective extension and only need to deactivate it. However, if you encounter issues with the extension or intend to reinstall it from scratch, you can delete the corresponding record of the extension in the plugins database table. This will completely remove the extension.

Remove extension data from the server

In certain situations, the extension may have generated a directory within the store’s directory, which needs to be physically deleted from your server. Typically, you can locate this directory in the main Shopware directory under Custom/Plugins/. If you are unable to locate it in this directory, it is advisable to reach out to the extension manufacturer and inquire about the storage location of the physical data, if any.

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