How to Setup Customer Configurations in Magento 2?

How to Setup Customer Configurations in Magento 2

How we can easily setup a customer on our Magento website. Let’s see a new customer is added to your website. So, what all options you can show to him/her. Here, we will see that all field which is visible to him/her you can easily Configure it from admin. Simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Login to your admin and go to Stores > Setting > configuration.

Step 2: Go to Customers > Customer Configuration.

Step 3: You will see these options you can customize it according to your requirement.

Online Customers Options:

  • Online Minutes Interval: It determines the length of time that the activity of the customer is accessible from the Admin. Leave empty for the default interval of 15 minutes.
  • Customer Data Lifetime: It determines the number of minutes before unsaved data. By default, unsaved data expires after 60 minutes.

Create New Account Options:

  • Enable the Automatic Assignment to Customer Group: select the group in Default Group then set it to Yes to automatically assign a customer to this group.
  • The customer will be changed automatically to Default Value when you select Yes based on VAT ID.
  • Show the VAT Number on Storefront: Customer can see the VAT number in the fronted if it is set to Yes.
  • Default Email Domain: Set it to the default email domain.
  • Default Welcome Email: In this option, Set the template for an email to welcome.
  • Default Welcome Email Without Password: Set it to the template for the new customer accounts which are created by admin which doesn’t yet have a password.
  • Email Sender: Set the Email Sender to the store contact for sending a welcome email.
  • Require Emails Confirmation: When Creating an account , choose Yes to require customer confirmation.
  • Confirmation Link Email: For the Confirmation Email, Set the email template.
  • Welcome Email: Set the email template for the welcome Email after confirming the account.
  • Generate Human-Friendly Customer ID: To set Human-Friendly Customer ID, Select Yes.

Password Options:

  • Password Reset Protection Type: Set the method to reset a customer Password.
  • Max Number of Password Reset Requests: Entering 0 is unlimited requests. It limits the number of password reset requests per hour.
  • Min Time Between Password Reset requests: Entering 0 is unlimited requests. It limits the time between password reset requests.
  • Forgot Email Template: When customers forgot the password, Password will be reset using this option.
  • Remind Email Template: It gives the hint specify of the email template when customer receives Password.
  • Reset Password Template: It specifies the email template when customer reset the password.
  • Password Template Email Sender: For password related emails, select the store contact as sender.
  • Recovery Link Expiration Periods (hours): Set recovery email expiry time in hours.
  • Number of Required Character Classes: Number of different character classes required in password: Lowercase, Uppercase, Digits, Special Characters.
  • Maximum Login Failures to Lockout Account: You can set the maximum attempt for the wrong Username or Password to lockout the account.
  • Minimum Password Length: You can set here maximum length of the password.
  • Lockout Time (minutes): You can set time in Minute. Account will be unlocked after provided time.

Account Information Options:

  • Email Template: Email template chosen based on theme fallback when “Default” option is selected.
  • Change Email and Password Template: It identifies the default email template when a customer changes their email and password.

Name and Address Options:

  • Number of Lines in a Street Address: Select the Number of lines between 1-4.
  • Show Prefix: It includes the title that goes before the name. (e.g: Mr, Mrs, etc.)
  • Prefix Dropdown Options: Use Semicolon(;) for separated values. Leave Empty For Open Text Field.
  • Show Middle Name (initial): Select Yes to show the middle name. It won,t show if it is selected to No.
  • Show Suffix: It includes the title that goes after the name.
  • Suffix Dropdown Options: Use Semicolon(;) for separated values. Leave Empty For Open Text Field.
  • Show Date Of Birth: It includes the Date of Birth.
  • Show TAX/VAT Number: It Shows the TAX/VAT number on the Page.
  • Show Gender: It shows the Gender of the person(e.g: ‘M’ for Male and ‘F’ for Female).
  • Show Telephone: It shows the contact information or Telephone Number.
  • Show Company: In this option, the Company name is included/Shown.
  • Show Fax: It shows the Fax No.

Login Options:

  • Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging in: Select Yes to redirect to the dashboard. If No is selected, the customer will stay on the current page.

Address Templates: as per your requirement you can set a templates for the address section.

CAPTCHA: In this option you can enable the Captcha for the customer.

Step 4: Click Save Config button.

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