HTML5 and CSS3 are new wave in web technology. HTML5 is not yet officially launched but still industry use of this technology is already at all time high. HTML5 comes with lot of versatility and power. It has completely revolutionized the way web used to work. 

We have mastered this technology since its beginning. We have been following its growth and have implemented html5 in several applications. We have used it to give classy modern look with CSS3. These two technologies working together has really changed the way websites used to look.

We extensively use html5 for mobile websites and application intended to support mobile. There has been lot contributions from community in recent past on these technology. It’s expected to come as full-fledged web technology very soon.

If you are looking to build a new website or web based application choosing HTML5 and CSS3. It will be a very wise decision.
Services we provide are mentioned below:

  • PSD to HTML5 Conversion icon

    PSD to HTML5 Conversion

    We convert PSD to HTML5. We provide pixel perfect conversion from psd to html5. We don’t just convert the mark up. We also make sure it meets the web standard. Our turnaround time is very fast on this.

  • HTML5 WordPress theme icon

    HTML5 WordPress theme

    We develop wordPress themes using html5 markup. It us more scalability and help us make application more feature rich. Html5 also helps to give application modern and dynamic look.

  • HTML5 Mobile Website icon

    HTML5 Mobile Website

    We make mobile websites using HTML5 markup. Html5 comes pre-packaged with lot of features to support modern web development for mobile. We use real devices to test these applications.

  • HTML5 and jQuery Mobile Website icon

    HTML5 and jQuery Mobile Website

    We use jQuery mobile and html5 in combination to make some very dynamic mobile websites. If you are looking to tap mobile users these are great technologies to invest in.

  • HTML5 Magento Theme icon

    HTML5 Magento Theme

    We use html5 markup to develop magento themes. It provides magento theme scalability. We mostly use this when creating a responsive theme on magento platform.

  • HTML5 Games icon

    HTML5 Games

    We develop dynamic html5 games. We also use html5 to create dynamic reporting systems for ecommerce stores.

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