Importance of SSL Certificate for an e-commerce website

Importance of SSL Certificate for an e-commerce website

If you are setting up to start e-commerce business acquiring SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is important. Few websites like banks and government authorities use secured bar (https) and SSL certificate encryption. This is necessary for online shoppers as it ensures that information is secure and safe. To transmit personal data online SSL allows safe and secure internet connection between server and internet browser. Any sensitive data which is shared between the server and browser SSL stands as safeguard. It prevents hackers and criminals from viewing and modifying the private data. As e-commerce websites collect consumers and visitors personal information therefore, for obtaining consumer confidence and trust and to get increased security system, the websites owners consider to have SSL certificate.

The developer always suggests install SSL certificate for secured website. The cryptography technique used in SSL helps to establish an encrypted connection between server and client using symmetric key. This way sensitive and important is saved while being transmitted over the web. If SSL is not installed in a proper manner it may give http error.

If you are an e-commerce website owner and deal with customer payment and credit card detail information it is strongly recommended to install SSL certificate on the payment information page.

Google has declared that those websites will be given positive ranking who have SSL certificate installed and allowed to run shopping campaign who have secured their payment information page. Therefore, it is important to have SSL certificate for an e-commerce website.

Benefits of installing SSL certificate:

  • To provide information security to the visitor and consumer. Every customer wants that his personal information like address, credit or debit card detail, usernames and passwords should not be theft and later misused for some other reason. Any unencrypted information will not be in favor of the visitors or customer on websites. Consumers blame the merchant for any breach of their private data.
  • SSL certificate are important for web site owners because by keeping the visitor and consumer data secure they build consumer confidence which is important for successful running of the business. Customers have become intelligent and they prefer to buy products or services from secured sites. According to the latest survey many of the card holders refuse to purchase from untrusted sites because from the fear of their private data being misused. SSL is like a stamp or seal for the consumer personal information.
  • Websites owners will provide options to customers paying through their credit cards and other electronic payment options. This becomes the responsibility of the merchant to stop the misuse of customer data. A SSL encryption ensures safe connection and transaction made between e-commerce website server and customer’s browser and no data is hacked.
  • If a 3rd party gateway like PayPal is used then SSL may not be used directly but it works as a trust deal. It ensures that consumers are able to view the green address bar or https while entering their credit card information.
  • It is important to SSL certificate during the website asking for login forms which asks user name and password. Many of us create same password for different websites and any loopholes will expose all the private documents of the user the SSL encryption is required.
  • For generating business from any e-commerce website it is important to run shopping ads therefore, the check out process on any e-commerce website must be SSL encrypted.

SSL (Secured Socket Layer) ensures security, safety and transparency to the end user. For the security of an e-commerce store SSL certification is a handy solution.

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