Joomla plugin is a sort of extension and provide set of core plugin events. It follows the observer design pattern. All plugin of the type get connected with the event and executed in order whenever an event occurs. This is a strong way of extending the functionality of the Joomla platform. The developers find way for other extensions to respond to their actions and making extensions extensible.

Bay20 is a team of experts in designing, development and consulting for Joomla. We specialize in Joomla plugin development and create component, module and plugin extension. We have proven track record of providing developing solutions with Joomla since long time. Our team keeps educating themselves with the latest tools and technology.

We know the framework, features and techniques so that we can very well build plugins and extensions. We master in different aspects of Joomla extension and application development. Our modern technologies are easy to use for the end user.

Our work strategy is based on two principles:

  • Outstanding code quality
  • On-time project delivery

Our Goal:

  • Hundred percent customer satisfaction

We can bring your Joomla related idea to reality and build any app, plugin or extension with success. We can add new features, twist existing ones or do any modifications on as required by our client. We know Joomla till the last line of code. Our team is highly skilled to create mobile friendly responsive designs and plugins. A new plugin has been introduced which follows the required observer pattern. Our professionals can trigger an event which causes one or more plugin to execute some code.

We have earned our clients trust by providing a unique customized websites with the best plugins right for their business needs. With years of experience we are resourced in developing user-friendly and flexible web solutions on Joomla CMS.

Benefits of hiring Joomla developers from Bay20:

  • Extremely dedicated and passionate team of Joomla developers
  • Commitment for on time delivery
  • Flexible pricing plan
  • Prompt communication
  • Proven testing methodology
  • Quality of work
  • Joomla plugin integration with perfection
  • Maintain the highest coding standards with intact security

Our Joomla developers are fully skilled to build original plugins or customized any existing plugins and modules that fit your business requirements. This is only possible with an expert level of Joomla coding experience. You should always hire expert Joomla developers with good experience and knowledge.

We dedicate all efforts towards helping our clients to solve their web related problems and help them grow fast. We always go extra miles to make our customers happy.

We provide the best Joomla plugins development services at affordable cost. You can hire full time or part time developers based on your business needs. Our Bay20 plugin development service will support and help you to build custom module, so that you can convey the right message to your online visitors.

From simple websites to mobile-optimized sites and scalable web applications, our team is proficient at integrating any functionality with ease to meet diverse requirements of your business. We are backed by trained professionals who offer result-orients Joomla solutions – may it be a corporate online presence, social networking website, news portal, e-commerce solution, government, fashion, restaurant or education site. If you are looking for wonderful experience with any CMS systems, Joomla would be a great selection because it has multiple plugins, extensions, modules, templates, themes that make an ideal platform for developing different types of websites.

We are aware of the change in technology and customer preferences. With changing scenario we offer unmatched solutions to meet business requirements of our clients. We assure you stand ahead of your competitors by delivering effective interface that gives complete user satisfaction.

Our Joomla services include:

  • Website / Application Development
  • Plugin / components/ extension development
  • E-commerce site development
  • Custom development of web applications

We implement many types of plugins such as search, editors, content, and editor extensions.

Whether you want to build a Joomla website from scratch, upgrade to the latest version or migrate to another platform to the latest design trends, you can completely rely on us build your website up to your expectations. We can build different segment websites such as fashion, ecommerce, news, education or anything else, we have multiple options for you

Bay20 is a high repute Joomla development company that can change the fate of your business by changing the functionality of your website. You may write us at to know about the advantages of choosing us as your Joomla plugin developer. You are just a call away to talk to our Joomla experts and ask technical queries to get immediate response.