Magento Backed SaaS Platform Pixafy

Magento Backed SaaS Platform Pixafy

It was just a few months ago that the Magento Go was shut down and the users had to move onto other platforms. Magento lost the platform which targeted small businesses and helped them advance through online retail. In a bid to refocus on these small businesses, Magento backed SaaS platform Pixafy. It is stated that the businesses can now build an affordable and a comfortable Magento store with the help of Pixafy. With the pending closing of the popular Amazon web stores, more and more businesses are considering getting on to Pixafy.

The news which stated that Magento backed SaaS platform Pixafy brought a stir amongst the online business owners. It is particularly good news for all those businesses that are already on the community edition of Magento and have been looking to extend ease of use without losing Magento. They can now have the best of both worlds, that is, keep their business on Magento and also add ease to their daily management and operation of the web store/ website.

Granting the small businesses the best of both worlds as stated above seems to have been the idea behind Pixafy. It is in this sense, a user/ merchant friendly version of Magento community edition. The features that make Pixafy an extremely good fit for many businesses online are as follows:

1. Lower Initial Prices:
Since Pixafy is a SaaS based platform, cost reductions are obvious. The stated starting price for a store/ website through Pixafy is about $89/ month. There are numerous free and extremely easy to use applications to help businesses make affordable yet attractive and worthy sites/ stores.

2. Additional Saves on Cost:
Another way the use of Pixafy reduces the costs incurred by businesses is, that this platform is merchant friendly. That is, the businesses do need developers for building the store and other extremely technical work. But there is no need for businesses using Pixafy to constantly run back and forth to a developer for management and update purposes. That’s because, as against Community Edition, Pixafy is extremely easy to use and manage.

3. Already on Magento Community Means, No Hassles:
If you are already on Magento Community edition then it will extremely easy for you to migrate to Pixafy and make the most of other benefits listed below. This kind of migration does not include development work from scratch and hence it translates into you not having to go through the hassles of building the store from the beginning. There is certainly a reason that Magento backed SaaS platform Pixafy, isn’t there!

4. Quick Launch:
It usually takes a lot of time and long procedures to build and launch a new store/ website. As a counter to this mechanism, with Pixafy it is possible to develop and launch a new store in as little as 24 hours of time.

The above mentioned are the features Pixafy boasts off, in addition to other standard features like SEO, marketing support, pre- installed application etc. The developers at Bay20 have been working round the clock to meet the needs of the clients who wish to use the Magento backed SaaS platform Pixafy, with amazing results. If you wish to work with us, leave a request on our quote page or contact us directly.

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