Magento Security Patch Installation: The Two New Patches

Magento Security Patch Installation: The Two New Patches

Magento is one of the most popular platforms used by a huge proportion of online stores and businesses. It is thus also prone to be a central target for many hackers looking to fulfill their desire of phishing, stealing vital information (like credit card details etc.) or spamming. Either way there is always a need to ensure complete security of the online portal. Recently a new vulnerability being referred to as the “shoplift bug” came to fore and has left many sites under a security risk. Here is where the Magento security patch installation comes to play.

Magento has launched two new security patches in a period of last six months. These patches are- SUPEE- 5344 and SUPEE- 1533. These security patches are available in different versions for the different versions of Magento. The SUPEE-5344 and 1533 are both extremely crucial in removing the above mentioned or any other vulnerabilities and keeping the virtual businesses secure.

Virtual businesses like any other business in the world are prone to many security risks. This statement must alone be a push to all those who still haven’t gotten around to getting the Magento security patch installation done. It is important to know that in lack of the patch, the respective website is open to attacks and is very vulnerable. So please, stop waiting around and wondering while your online stores suffers on security issues. Bay20 has done many Magento security patch installations and provided many online businesses with other security customization services.

For many people and business owners it can be extremely infuriating and irritating to get a patch installed; especially when the exact idea of the patch isn’t clear enough. The term “patch” gives away the whole concept or the idea and it is pretty simple. Suppose there are holes/ gaps or vulnerabilities in the software/ ecommerce platform. These gaps are what leave out the scope of possible attacks. A patch fills in these holes or gaps (in other terms patches the software), thus removing all the vulnerabilities.

There are many expert web developers out there who are efficient in completing the patch installations and protecting their client base. The steps that are performed as a part of the Magento security patch installation include:

• First one needs to download the appropriate patch and patch version for their Magento operated online store.
After that the patch has to be installed in the Magento root directory.
• Once that is done, there is a need to write a command whose response will determine the success of the installation.
There also a possibility that the Magento security patch installation may lead to a few changes in some files.

In case this happens there also a need to reapply for the ownership of the files with a few commands.
These steps seem confusing to you, or you want expert advice/ assistance, don’t worry. Just sent a request on our website and we’ll do all that we can to assist you. Have a secure website!

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