Magento Security Patches Installation

security patches

Why is this important?

Magento has launched four new security patches in a period of last six months. These security patches are available in different versions for the different versions of Magento. The SUPEE-5344 and 1533 are both extremely crucial in removing vulnerabilities and keeping the magento store secure. SUPEE-6285 released on 7th July 2015.

SUPEE-6482, SUPEE-7405 amd SUPEE 6788 were the last patches released by magento.

What is Covered?

2 SUPEE-1533

Why Choose US?

– We are Magento Certified Team with 7+ years of experience in magento development.
– We will be able to safely update these security patches into your magento store without causing any issues.

What is required from you?

– I would require ftp or ssh access (If you don’t have idea about this i will help you get this information.)
– Admin credentials for magento

We will install all missing patches and also check if your website has already been hacked for just $35 one time fee.