Magento Security Patches Installation

security patches

Why is this important?

Magento released several security patches in years 2015, 2016 and 2017. These patches are very critical for any magento store. You should consider getting your store patched as soon as possible because several hundred stores are already compromised.

What is Covered?

1. SUPEE-5344
2. SUPEE-1533
3. SUPEE-6285
4. SUPEE-6482
5. SUPEE-6788
6. SUPEE-7405
6. SUPEE-5994
6. SUPEE-9652
6. SUPEE-8788
7. SUPEE-9767
8. SUPEE-10266

Why Choose US?

– We are Magento Certified Team with 7+ years of experience in magento development.
– We will be able to safely update these security patches into your magento store without causing any issues.

What is required from you?

– I would require ftp or ssh access (If you don’t have idea about this i will help you get this information.)
– Admin credentials for magento

We will install all missing patches and also check if your website has already been hacked for just $99 one time fee.