Magento stores with better load time sell more!

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform with unique features such as content management technology, flexible shopping cart system and excellent SEO optimization. The page load speed has always been a matter of concern because seconds delay may cause an important loss. No website would want to lose a single customer on the store because of poor loading speed.

Few technical methods can be implemented in the admin panel which will refine the load time of a magento store. The latest version of magento should be updated time to time for fixing bugs, enhance performance and new introduced features. Regular release notes should be checked for new updates which can be found out on the navigation bar or admin panel. Further to avoid any confusion updates should launch on the website when the traffic is less on the website.

Instead of using multiple tables for storing catalog data enable flat catalog by using single table.

All logs should be deleted and cleared with in stipulated time. The excess information will unnecessary increase the load on the website. Therefore, log cleaning tool should be activated on the admin panel. Enable loop which automatically clears the log for number days.

Javascript and CSS files can be merged in magento store through admin panel. To save bandwith and improve website performance the content can be fetched with one single HTTP request.

To improve magneto store with better load time uninstall extra and unwanted extensions that can affect on the performance and the loading speed. Therefore, always add only those extensions which are important and useful for magento website.

For data retrieving from the database magento reindex the data which keeps changing like, discounts, car amount and price etc. else each and every product price has to be calculated which may slow down loading of price which may lead to shopping cart abandonment. This has always been a major concern for online websites. In this situation the data can always be reindexed from magento admin panel.

Magento site speed can be improved by using inbuilt cache management features.

Before trying any other optimization technique your first step should be to choose a quick hosting server. Never go for unreasonable and poor hosting websites and always use dedicated server. For running a successful Magento store you should have a necessary support, high-speed connection and high security with a dedicated hosting in case of downtime. A magento website owner should understand all store requirements and hosting needs. Always check Uptime guarantee and host consistency.

To improve magento stores with better load time content delivery network is used to provide a high-speed browsing experience to the online shoppers and increase the good load time because it caters the browsing requirement of online users by providing contents from nearby location. As a result the page load time speed is improved of magento store. For example if a user from Denmark tries to access your magento website that is hosted in Russia. When the Content delivery Network (CDN) is implied then rather delivering the contents form the main server which is in Russia it will deliver the content directly from Denmark. The users will have quick browsing experience and it will increase the speed to the shoppers.

To have a great website feel the shoppers are generally attracted with the high resolution images. Many times the purchased are closed by viewing the high-quality attractive images which boosts the ecommerce business. But images should not hold much time while loading as it sometimes bounce the website visit of a shopper and decrease user’s engagement rate. Heavy images can hold large space and slow down your website which may result in poor growth. For this reason it is important to optimize images on Magento store to attract more visitors. Magento has many ways to optimize the images like either by using some tools to compress the image or to deliver content with CDN. There are provisions of creating many extensions in Magento’s Marketplace and the best to use imagekit for real-time optimization of images which provides URL based changes and optimizes image on all the platforms.

If you consider all the above ways to improve the page load speed of your magento website then optimize your store for a better and quicker browsing experience to the online shoppers which will increase profitable conversion rate.

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