Magento to Shopify Migration

Magento to Shopify Migration

Migration is important when current ecommerce platform does not satisfy your business needs, increase traffic on your website, or desired result is not met. It involves moving of programs from one platform to another or in other words an old system is replaced with new one. Bay20 has earned name and fame from clients across globe by offering the best digital marketing services.  There are some complex programs that needs to be carefully shifted else one wrong step can effect crucial areas in business and leave you in doldrums. We assure you a safe and smooth Magneto to Shopify migration with our unmatched technical skills.

Why Re-platform your ecommerce store?

  • Lack of features or out dated software:  Technology changes fast and always welcome the change that is better for both business owners and customers. Outdated software may prevent you from giving the best experience to your customers.
  • Extra Maintenance: To fix bugs frequently involves lot of money and time as the website should work consistently. So, it is better to shift to another platform with less bugs fixes issues.
  • Cost: If budget exceeds more than expected such as hosting fee, subscription fee, maintenance cost and other expenses then we recommend searching different kinds of ecommerce platforms available with reasonable prices.
  • Manual process is hectic: You must choose a platform which works on less manual process to complete orders and communicate with customers.
  • Integration problems: We help you setup multichannel integration that can dictate speed, functionality, reliability and cost of integration to other systems.
  • Growth and Scalability:  If you plan Magento to Shopify migration we can help you scale your platform in regards with transactions, and visitors and better handles your volume.
  • Security: Keeping customer data secure is a constant cause of worry of ecommerce sellers. Hacking sites and compromised customer information has become a regular practice. We leave no stone unturned to protect your shopify site from cyber threats and leakage of your valuable customers’ data.
  • Usability: Another reason for any online store to switch platforms is for the sake of its usability. We assure you with necessary platform making changes, updating information and processing orders and build the best usability of your store.
  • If not getting as much return on investment as desired.

If you choose us for Magento to Shopify migration we guide you at each phase and step such as right time to migrate, which platform to migrate and what is right for your business. Once you take the decision then our developers’ actual and hard part is moving your current data between those systems and that is a very daunting task if not handled by a well-qualified digital marketing team.

Shopify is an out-of-the-box solution space and it simplifies deployment and backend system management and it can be migrated without sacrificing bottom lines. Cost is the most prominent reason that motivates ecommerce owners to migrate to shopify, whose out-of-the-box functionality and payment model simplify implementation, and management.

Why shopify is a better option?

  • Good for retailer companies websites that want to add extra functionalities
  • Better features such as online payment support, point-of-sale-integration
  • Perfect choice for ecommerce organizations intent to have speed
  • Advanced backend reporting capabilities
  • Most robust and customizable offers

Magento to Shopify migration depends upon the efficiency of the external technology partners involved. We regularly handle such critical moving missions with experts front-end and back-end developers from installations to out-of-the-box instances.

If you want to streamline your presence on the web, provide customers with hassle-free shopping experience and easy check-out options, minimum costs and complexity of managing the platform – a change is needed to move your current ecommerce platform to Shopify by hiring us. Our certified team first assess the situation and later decide the migration over to fully functional shopify with data and other assets.

In any ecommerce platform migration process, it is very important that the hired digital team pay minute attention to the smallest work performed without affecting the core activities of the client’s business. Migration is not only transferring data but also additional important aspects such as traffic, conversions and customers’ loyalty.

What do we migrate?

  • SEO: We make sure that there is no impact on your organic traffic and search result.
  • Old content to new theme: We technical team fix all the tags from the previous platform during migration process and very well adapt old content to the new theme.
  • Graphic content: We carefully migrate product descriptions, categories, blogs, images and other pages.
  • Static source collections to automatic collections: To avoid handling directory manually we use the powerful directory management tool for automatic collections.
  • Integrations: Our experts know how to implement integrations onto new store to reduce difficulties processing orders, managing balances etc.

Our Magento to Shopify migration process:

  • Data Analysis:  Analyse data, customizations, and integrations include Product image and description, goods in stock, color, size shape, list of purchased goods, customer information, total purchase, page content, customer details, discounts and  benefits, SEO settings
  • Preparation: Finding the best migration way
  • Data Movement: The complexity of migration depends upon the amount of data to be transferred.
  • SEO: saves the current position in the search system (SEO) and set up redirection of users to a new address.

We don’t treat all our clients in a same manner because every ecommerce site is unique and so does its migration. We believe in quality and select the right expert for the particular task. We can process magento to shopify migration according to your goals and objectives. The successful implementation of the whole migration without data loss is possible if you select the right technical team for you.

We are open to any dialogue, so feel free to ask any queries related Magento to Shopify migration process.

Please contact us at or call us at +91-8800519180 for any support related to Shopify. You can also visit the Shopify development page to check the services we offer.