Magento to Woocommerce Migration

Magento to Woocommerce Migration

Having the right platform is very important for the success of an ecommerce platform, to increase traffic and bring genuine customers. We are an experienced digital marketing company that can perform complex functions both in back and front end of its operations. When sellers decide to switch from Magento to Woocommerce many issues come in their mind. It does not matter how new or old your site is, an upgrade is the best solution. We can successfully migrate your magento store to woocommerce and take your online business to next level.


  • Current platform outgrown
  • Less traffic
  • Cost
  • High maintenance
  • Functional limitations
  • Slowdowns, breakdowns and lost revenue

Migrating a website is very crucial because dysfunctional online website may cripple your business. Our technical experts make serious consideration and preparation in advance.

First, we take stock of what you have and what you need. Then identify the gaps and shortcomings of the current platform. We help you prepare a list of “must haves”. Our team consider on speed and volume for enterprise level store to take the business to the next level of success.

Basic steps of migration:

  1. Choose the platform
  2. Proposal request
  3. Forecast your revenue
  4. Map out Integrations, Functions and apps
  5. Begin testing platforms
  6. Launch the migration
  7. Redesign the site
  8. Test functionality
  9. Go Live

Migration is challenging process but it is necessary for expanding ecommerce business. With our experience and expertise we provide better user experience, moving your site is faster and show higher result in Google ranking.

Reasons to migrate:

Cost Reducing: One important consideration to move data from one ecommerce platform to another is reducing your overall infrastructure costs. If current maintenance cost exceeds overall profit then it is better to migrate to other platform. After calculating hosting fee, license fee and other costs, if it goes higher than the profit so it’s time to migrate to the most effective and profitable platform.

Performance: We make no compromise to improve the performance of your ecommerce site. We emphasize on load speed, search engine optimization, accessibility, transaction volumes, conversion optimization etc. to handle large scale traffic and provide solution to tackle challenges.     

Functionality: Each ecommerce platform has a different degree of functionality and little lapse can damage the image of the brand. If you are looking to pick the best options in attaining certain functionality, we are there to assist you and can support you with low cost and limit down the complexity of your online store.

Centralizing Data: We provide robust data tracking, analysis and storage capabilities, and competitive advantage to brands and professional product development, perfect marketing decisions and on-site optimization. We use hub-and-spoke approach that provides a richer set of data.  

We spend lot of time in the planning phase to ensure a successful outcome.

Our planning efforts include:

  • Design considerations
  • Replicate existing design
  • Custom redesign
  • Theme-design redesign
  • Functionality related considerations
  • Products, Orders, customers, pages, reviews migration consideration
  • Marketing strategies migration
  • URL structures
  • Index Pages

Our development team knows that migration is very exciting but overwhelming process and if it is performed sincerely at planning stage can be a game-changer.

Why to choose us for Magneto to woocommerce migration?

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Mergers and acquisition for more opportunities
  • More Traffic
  • Fast site performance
  • Pleasant customer experience
  • Clean database
  • Less development time
  • Improve overall visitor experience
  • Responsive site
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Scalability
  • Cross-channel Integration
  • Flawless Backend module
  • Better Site search
  • Personalization
  • Social Media
  • Tag Management

We adopt modern merchandising techniques to safely and securely migrate important information from one platform to another. Our experts use improved hosting functionalities to avoid website go down anytime. We can combine better design capabilities, planning system integration, to enable organizations to better align web frontend with business backend.

Our Key Process:

  • Migrating customer data and passwords
  • Transitioning Order histories
  • Develop a launch and cutover strategy

We choose the perfect method for your budget, technical configuration, timeline and business needs. Our successful experience of handling site build and migrations help you to give superior experience to your customers’. There are many ecommerce platforms but if you own an e-commerce business and are looking a cost-effective solution then woocommerce is the best and obvious choice for you. We help you manage huge content, cost-effective, easy to use, and additional features with plugins Woocommerce store.

Why Bay20?

We have an experienced technical team who are equipped with all the platforms available for e-commerce site development. We are able to perform seamless migrations with no data loss, incorporating advanced functionality that you want for Woocommerce store.

Woocommerce is better than Magento:

  • Much more affordable
  • Easier to use and offers endless flexibility
  • Un rival support

Educate yourself before jumping on to any ecommerce platform and if you have any trouble choosing between magneto and woocommerce you could always benefit from our past experience of handling migration websites by us. For more details about Magento to Woocommerce migration, you may initiate live chat or email us for quick response.

Please contact us at or call us at +91-8800519180 for any support related to Woocommerce. You can also visit the Woocommerce development page to check the services we offer.