Magento2 is the right choice for eCommerce platform

Nowadays e-commerce websites are getting popular day by day because it can leverage larger markets opened up by a click on the net. Running an online store was not a piece of cake it requires proper planning, crafted strategies, and a well-designed system. As business procedures are interdependent, a strong foundation is necessary for its safe persistence.
If you are looking for the best e-commerce platform for online business, Magento2 is the best choice because it is very powerful not only for its advanced development techniques but also for an intensive migration process.
It is a self-hosted e-commerce platform which allows download and executes the software and is an open-source platform to have access to the source code. The website owner will have complete control over the store and updated information on the roadmap. The store can be customized as per the nature of business. Magento2 will allow integrating cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning to webshop. The prime feature of the new version is to win over the customer which is key to success for any business. If the e-commerce owner outsources store to Magento2 development company the maintenance cost can be reduced to great extent.
Magento2 comes with exciting features with which the e-commerce business can be started right away. Some of the outstanding out-of-the-box features include

  • SEO Functionality
  • Order Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Site Management
  • Promotion/ marketing

Above all the most prominent feature is the LUMA theme that comes with Magento2 by default that offers optimal UI that enables the owner to begin the web shop and generate sales without optimizing it.
Magento2 platform has enhanced testing capabilities which can reduce pre-release defects, less dissatisfied customers and fewer bugs, thus save time and money. Paying heed to minute details is the key to assure that everything goes smooth. Because of its proven track record and consistent performance Magento2 offers testing framework that is based on PHP unit called FTF (Functional Testing Framework).
Magento2 has SEO customized features like assured online visibility, capability to control links via index management and other features which enables SEO analysts can leverage for optimizing webshop for search engines. With enhanced and amazing ecosystem of SEO extensions that take Magento2 sites to new heights.
To ensure that e-store has a better checkout user experience Magento2 integrate popular gateways such as Cybersource, World Pay, PayPal etc. that helps increase the global audience with multiple currencies, increase customer retention rate and make e-store look legitimate.