Magento is shutting down its first version very soon and has starting getting minimum support. Ecommerce website owners who are still using Magneto1 platform for their online store must upgrade to Magneto2 for further support in terms of performance, functionality and security.

Magento2 upgrade services are required to have for the following improvements:

● Checkout process

● Quick Integration

● Security

● Site performance

● Flexible Architecture

● New extensions

● Code quality

● Advanced Dashboard

● More mobile friendly and responsive in design

● Revamped and responsive Admin interface

Why choose us?

Specialized in migration: It is not an easy task to shift from one version to another version of Magento. Always go for reliable and capable development company for Magento2 upgrade service. We are team of experts and have successfully completed many projects in the past of magneto migration.

Time commitment: On time delivery in migrating to magento2 platform. We assure you that we can complete your magento2 migration project within stipulated time.

Dedicated developers and complete support: We have a team of dedicated developers who are capable to handle any migration project and believe in adaptive planning, evolutionary development and timely delivery. We are an experienced team on designing, developing, testing, managing, marketing and migrating ecommerce stores. Our aim is to provide complete consultancy and support migrate your ecommerce store to Maganto2 platform and make sure that you get maximum return on your investment.

Cost Effective: There is no cost fixed for magneto2 upgrade service but it depends upon the size of a website, its complexity in terms of extensions and custom code.

We offer turn-key migration services to our clients and has gained strong hands-on experience. We understand that for ecommerce project success the key elements for migrate a store to magneto2 are careful planning and analysis.

Our Magneto2 upgrade services include:

Migration of Database

The far most important step of migration is transferring stored data. Our efficient and experienced team helps you move store configuration, SEO setup, sales data, products and customers lists and site content. Our developers will carefully work upon your movable data and safely and securely move on to magneto2 as per the migration rules and principles.

Migration of Custom-Built Functionality 

Though there will be undertaking but our developers’ help you recreate extensions and code customizations for magneto2 store as old extensions and customizations are not transferrable and you will have the same functionality on Magento2 website.

Migration of SEO settings:

Migrating SEO settings is not easy on to magneto2 platform because new SEO extensions and custom-built SEO solutions cannot be migrated with standard tool and as a result may affect site SEO performance. Our experienced SEO team will optimize current SEO setup and recreate advanced SEIO settings.

Migration of Design:  The backbone of every ecommerce website is its theme. Since magento1 themes are not transferable so we help you redesign a new store theme from scratch and make your brand success. Our expert designers will help and support you in any scenario such as find, install and customize any theme, build trendy-design.

There is no doubt that magento platform is best in terms of performance and user experience. But it needs lot of hard work and dedication during development process. We have great experience in building profitable ecommerce websites on Magneto. You must choose an experienced magneto2 development company to provide the best magneto2 upgrade services to grow your business well.

Our Migration process:

● Thorough review of current Magento installation

● Identify extensions and system integrations along with custom functionality of running website

● Backup of current webshop to start working on theme development

● Rebuild SEO settings

● End-to-end user testing

● Provide best shopping experience on to the new platform

Why hire us for Magento2 migration:

● Certified and experienced team

● Years of experience on magento platform

● Transparency in communication

● 500+ projects completed

● Support in backend training

● Cutting edge solution

● Pricing as per client budget and need

● Best SEO optimization

● Technical support