Mailchimp Integration with Shopware

Mailchimp Integration with Shopware

Mailchimp is an American automation platform and an email marketing service provider. Our latest marketing technology and data-driven tools and insights to help you build stronger customer relationships, find new customers and boost sales. We help you build your website with mailchimp and start marketing from day one.

We bring your audience data, marketing channels and insights, so that you can reach target customers faster. With mailchimp integration our developers can promote business across email, social, postcards, landing pages, and more from a single platform. Our experts can visualize the messages working for email or for ads and apply techniques because everything is at one place.

What we do?

  • Flexible plans that grow as you do
  • Top-notch reliability and all-time support
  • Connect to unlock more marketing features
  • Tools are Industry compliance
  • We provide built-in security to protect your account and customers’ data

With mailchimp we can help you understand your target audience and reach them when it requires most. We collect and organize customer information; preferences, purchase behaviors and more so more sales can be generated with personalized marketing. We provide detail reports of the whole marketing campaign. Mailchimp integration helps to identify which customer segment to target in future segments.

Our experts use mailchimp to take purchase data from the store and create e-commerce segments based on customer behavior, demographics, buying decisions, and more which help you make smarter marketing decisions that generate more sales. The platform has everything you need to craft multi-channel campaigns that gets identified, therefore no need to switch between multiple marketing tools.

Our team reminds your customers of products they have already left, turn new customers into life-long fans by asking frequent feedback, and send a discount. We help you evaluate your best buyers and thank them in way of special rewards. The get attention and you get more sales.

We will suggest with few predictions regarding a particular product, so you can send product recommendations that may increase sales.

Our experts help you create automated emails that keep your business on top priority in customers’ minds.

We know what persuades your customers to buy, so with retargeting email strategy, customers buying decisions become higher.

Our professional provides you easy-to-digest reports, so that you can monitor campaigns engagements and revenue generated by them. You always know what’s working best for your store and customers.

We help to connect the store, set up automations, and take you towards the right direction. With our step-by-step marketing guides and all time support takes your online business to next level. We hold your hand till you achieve desired results.

With mailchimp targeting tools, we help you personalize your emails based on people’s actions, automate so you can focus on core business. We keep sending emails regarding subscriptions, renewal, and other mails that can drive re-engagement and acquire new customers. Our skilled team integrates all the tools in your stack so that you can see the working data in one place. We will create pre-built segments to target based on user demographics, activity, and many more. You must rely on us for sending complex messages or emails and keep them under one roof for maximum impact and visibility. Our all-time support is available every day (email, chat or phone). You can trust us to have your powerful, flexible, email marketing agency.

Our specialities:

  • Intuitive, high-impact segmentation
  • Flexible, emails with drag & drop tools
  • Build result-oriented emails
  • Proven deliverability and scale
  • Send mails with confidence
  • Real-time, customizable Analytics
  • Generate reports based on email category, geography, ISP and device-type
  • Responsive template designs

When you connect mailchimp, you have the flexibility to sell a product without spending money and time setting up a complete ecommerce store.

Mailchimp can provide you with a simple way to sell a product and lessen the path to buy for your customers. Adding payments to your landing page is an easy and quick way to sell limited edition item.

We design and publish customized landing pages that work best for your business. We can create pre-designed templates or start from scratch with a basic layout. We offer clear pricing and quick deposits so that you can focus on core business.

We help you level up your email marketing, get more sales and satisfied customers.

Benefits of mailchimp Integration with Shopware:

  • Know who you’re talking to
  • Do more with audience data
  • Build better relationship
  • Get insights
  • Connect all the dots for actionable data
  • Offer discounts and promotions, updates and coupon codes
  • Help create beautiful email campaigns and facilitate communications with your customers
  • Segment list by customer type, store or the way you want
  • Sync customer database automatically
  • Eliminate manual data entry and save time
  • Create targeted email campaign and send out to your list
  • Send welcome emails, birthday/anniversary greetings and promotional mailers
  • Engage with loyal customers and increase sales

We offer flexibility to let you manage your business in the way you want. We connect your store to mailchimp to unlock powerful features that help you sell more. Our e-commerce tools can help you promote your business to next level

Shopware is a trend-setting platform that helps create responsive online stores which is best suited for small and medium scale businesses. With mailchimp, we can sync your shopware online shop orders and customer information. Mailchimp offers all-in-one marketing platform that is cost-effective and offers marketing automation, CRM, ads and more.

Features of Mailchimp:

  • Create and send emails that reach your target audience
  • Set up marketing automations based on the buying behavior
  • Send product recommendations
  • Segment customers based on their purchase history

Using the plugin, our experts help the clients to seamlessly connect their Shopware online shop with marketing and sales features of mailchimp and able to manage data in one place. We help the shopware shop owners to use what they know about their customer to market in a smarter way and build better customer relationships.

Our aim is to provide flexible and future-proof ecommcerce solutions that quickly and easily leverage their growth potential.

After we install and configure the mailchimp plugin, it starts working and syncs your customers, products and orders to mailchimp. You can easily track the performance of the synchronization in the backend.

Our Shopware Integration includes:

  • Get to know your customers and provide better market
  • Showcase your best products
  • Tag customers to send targeted messages
  • More sales, conversions, and site visits
  • Track results and measure your ROI with analysis and reports
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Multivariate testing
  • Advance audience insights
  • Retargeting ads
  • Custom templates
  • A/B testing
  • Custom branding
  • 1-click automations etc.

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