Major Salesforce Trends to Watch Out

Salesforce Trends

“In the category of enterprise software, CRM is the go-to choice for organizations, and Salesforce CRM owns the largest chunk of the market share (19.2%), which is more than Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft combined (17.8%).” “CRM is the organization’s go-to choice in the enterprise software category.”

After more than two decades, Salesforce has become the go-to platform for customer service and enterprise cloud computing. Hundreds of companies rely on Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) technology, continually updated to reflect the newest technological developments. For instance, the Sales Cloud can be used to boost productivity in the sales department, the Service Cloud can be used to deliver first-rate service, the Marketing Cloud can be used to carry out strategic campaigns and guide customers through their buying process, and the Community (Experience) Cloud can be used to foster relationships with customers and business partners.

Top Salesforce trends have proven beneficial to businesses for some years, and 2022 will be no exception. Organizations have benefited from leading Salesforce developments, such as state-of-the-art data transmission and industry growth tools.

Salesforce was established in 1999 to help companies better manage their customer databases and automate their internal processes via computerized systems. The CRM system is renowned for its dependability and cutting-edge features. It is constantly updating its features and adding new functions to accommodate the latest trends and technological developments in the industry. Beginning with the introduction of Salesforce data transfer tools to clients and continuing with the platform’s development into new business sectors, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform has experienced a process of constant self-discovery over the past two decades.

Moving ahead into 2022, we will rely on a wide range of technology and resources tailored to our specific industry. After more than two years of a global pandemic affecting businesses, companies everywhere have realized that it is essential to digitalize their corporate processes fully. To help its customers conquer whatever obstacles they may face, Salesforce has joined the trend by forming new partnerships and adding new capabilities to its platform.

In 2022, do you anticipate a high need for Salesforce?

Even though it has been around for quite some time, Salesforce has managed to maintain its relevance. As the number of people working remotely increases, more and more businesses are looking to internet sales as a strategy to ensure their continued existence.

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It is pretty evident that the distant sales crew is using Salesforce on an increasing number of occasions. With the help of Salesforce anywhere, users can quickly sell their products and services from any global location.

In March 2021, Salesforce also announced Sales Cloud 360 as part of its digital-first strategy to promote online selling and enhance the effectiveness of distance sales. This was done to increase efficiency.

In addition, Salesforce has made it easier to collaborate by including third-party applications like Quip, Salesforce Meetings with Anywhere, and Slack into their platform. Customers of Salesforce will recognize the extra value that is provided by this product, which is one of the reasons why the demand for it is anticipated to increase shortly.

As we go towards 2022, here are some of the most significant developments related to Salesforce that you should keep an eye on:

SlackFirst’s 360° View of the Customer

Over the last two years, the significance of collaborative platforms has considerably expanded, mainly due to the challenges posed by the COVID issue. Platforms for collaborative work have made it possible for businesses to operate online without sacrificing the quality of their work. In addition, they have made it easier for professionals all over the globe to work together and interact with their colleagues using a centralized platform.

In light of this pattern, Salesforce made the acquisition of Slack earlier in the year 2020, elevating it to the position of the highest importance on the CRM platform. Salesforce has decided to make work simpler for enterprises all around the globe by introducing SlackFirst Customer 360 in response to the trend of organizations shifting to the use of remote workers and establishing hybrid work environments.

2.0 version of the Salesforce Health Cloud

With the launch of Health Cloud, Salesforce entered the realm of the healthcare business. The customer relationship management software assisted various medical facilities and healthcare professionals in streamlining their procedures and developing individualized patient journeys.

Health Cloud 2.0 is the outcome of updates made by Salesforce in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These adjustments were made to meet the ever-evolving needs of hospitals and their patients. In the post-COVID reality, the newly built CRM system allows users to deliver medical treatment to patients while also managing the epidemic. Enhanced vaccine management, contract tracing, and other health assessment capabilities are only some of the features of this system.

Orchestration tools for Salesforce Flow

Because of the gradual increase in complexity and variety of workflows throughout time, it is now essential to automate these processes to accomplish the desired outcomes. Salesforce has built Flow Orchestrator to eliminate the possibility of any of these problems occurring. The purpose of the product is to provide Salesforce Administrators with more capabilities for creating, implementing, and automating commercial business procedures at a more rapid pace. It enables the automation of operations via the use of clicks rather than coding. Users of Salesforce can provide clients with the appropriate context level by embedding orchestrations inside the file pages. It also gives Salesforce Administrators the ability to manage and simplify numerous processes, which makes it easier for them to achieve their business goals.

For Salesforce admins, one of the benefits of using the platform is the ability to manage and streamline various procedures to accomplish the company’s objectives. Two key characteristics of the flow mainly determine the experience that the client has:

Increase in Business Procedures Led by Artificial Intelligence

The significance of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has dramatically expanded throughout recent history. These technologies allow digital tools and platforms to comprehend and evaluate data as people do. This stops users from engaging in business procedures that involve repetitive tasks and enables them to boost both their speed and accuracy.

The Ever-Growing Significance Of The Salesforce Blockchain

There will be a dramatic uptick in the commercial use of blockchain by 2021. Its potential benefits have been greatly expanded, and Salesforce provides a low-code platform to aid users in making the most of the technology. Sharing data that has been validated and disseminated across a trusted network of Salesforce partners and third parties is made possible in this way.

The Integration of Data and Systems

As a consequence of the information that they provide across the many touchpoints in their customer relationship, customers have begun to expect their interactions with businesses to be consistent and well-connected.

However, just fifty percent of companies, according to the most recent study from Salesforce Connected Customer, can tailor their interactions with customers based on the customers’ prior experiences.

In the modern world, data is kept in a variety of clouds, and a significant number of businesses use Salesforce to connect to other types of platforms. As a consequence, the organization’s several departments are working furiously to improve their customer understanding and connection.

Salesforce service cloud development

Salesforce is constantly working to enhance its Customer 360 platform to enable businesses to provide data-driven and individualized experiences. The platform that links Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Service Cloud provides an integrated picture of a client’s path throughout their experience with the company.

Innovative CRM Platforms Tailored to Specific Industries

The Salesforce platform is used in various industries, including retail, the media, manufacturing, and financial services. Because it focuses on particular industry verticals, the supplier of cloud-based software has made it abundantly clear that it plans to provide more specialized and customized solutions to meet these businesses’ requirements. Salesforce wants to expand the breadth of its CRM and cloud capabilities to better cater to specific industries.


Hyperforce has made it possible for businesses in any region of the globe to begin using the public cloud. This new design for the next generation’s infrastructure will use public cloud partners and utilize standardized tools, software development methods, deployment patterns, and security procedures. This will enable businesses to expand quickly while still meeting the requirements for local data storage.

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Organizations can store their data in a particular place to satisfy the legislative and regulatory requirements of a given sector or industry. Still, this decision is contingent on the company’s or industry’s needs. Consequently, regional cloud infrastructures provide speedier performance inside the nation and shorter paths between clients and data centers.

The combination of having the adaptability and efficiency of a public cloud with Hyperforce dramatically reduces the time needed for deployment, enabling Salesforce to expand faster.

The launch of the first phase of Hyperforce’s deployment is now underway. Salesforce Core Services are available to users in India and Australia, but CDP is only presently available to users in the United States and Germany. Because Salesforce intends to have Hyperforce up and running in 16 countries by the end of 2022, you should anticipate hearing more about this topic in the coming months.

Advertising that is hosted in the cloud

You won’t be able to advertise to people who visit your website until you first learn who they are. It is also inappropriate to offer them individualized material you have created with the assumption that it would be enjoyable to them since you do not know their tastes.

Because of this, Salesforce decided to introduce Marketing Cloud to help businesses better pay attention to their customers. This platform offers various tasks, including customer journey, multi-channel project execution, consumer involvement, pre and post insights, social media interaction, and data management.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to handle mobile, SMS, and push notifications and monitor client involvement in real-time. You can also arrange email and advertising campaigns using this platform. Journey Builder also enables the creation of automated multi-channel journeys, which allows you to provide a more personalized experience for each of your customers.

Because it provides a wide range of third-party integration possibilities, you can gather data from various sources and acquire superior insights.


In today’s society, it is no longer sufficient to have a product that is simple to get. The laws and regulations that apply to businesses are unique to themselves. They are interested in modifying the product’s functioning and design to suit their requirements better. Consequently, the possibilities of Salesforce regarding customization are grossly insufficient.

It is high time for businesses to prioritize enhancing their CRM systems. To guarantee that everything is carried out in line with your requirements, you will want the assistance of an experienced consultant.

You must choose the appropriate Salesforce Consulting Partner to work with you to realize your organization’s objectives. Be careful to verify the Salesforce certification while you are doing this. Selecting an experienced developer will assist you in achieving your objectives and save you time in the long run.


These are some of the most significant trends related to Salesforce that you should keep an eye out for as we progress towards 2022. The use of automated tools and platforms hosted in the cloud is only likely to continue to rise in the future. As a user of Salesforce, it is essential to have a solid understanding of these developments and customize the CRM platform’s features to get the best possible outcomes.

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