Make money with a news portal and news app

Make money with a news portal and news app

Seeing the current scenario people are turning towards online news rather than searching in a piece of paper. Online news portal means newspaper, magazine, or any other access related to news. We can create, design and develop best and unique online news portal and news app for you that can bring financial gain to online news business. We have a full-fledged team of developers who will cover all areas of business requirements. We help you deliver and publish news as per selected areas. To build a news portal is a crucial part and needs a team work. We can build innovative news portals such as political news, technology news, business news, sports news, Bollywood news, Government Jobs, Health News, India news, IT News, Defence News, Educational News etc.

We add all features that are important and can bring maximum return on your investment. News portal are for publishing news and opened for one aim and that is to provide latest and updated news across globe.

We can design customized news portal as per our clients’ choice and requirement and make all possibilities to take our clients’ business to next level. Our dedication, hard work, and being technical savvy help your news project up and run smoothly.

We can help you guide which revenue streams are likely to work best for you. It takes time to get recognised on the net but success is sure. Your content should be unique and fresh. You can earn revenue through display advertising, newer strategies, subscriptions, sponsorship, and other live events.

How to make money with a news portal and news app?

Focus on content:

First focus and develop the suitable, relevant and likeable content. We recommend you work with reporters, photographers, writers, editors and mainly content producers. Advertisers would like to see what type of content is there on the news portal where their ads will be published. We help you post regular posts so that your news portal will look attractive to potential advertisers.

Approach Advertisers:

First, you approach local advertisers’ means which businesses advertise in news website and look for potential advertising deals. Keep focusing on reporting and building customers and businesses will be persuaded to advertise.


Pay per click advertising is typically run through Google’s AdSense.  If you want to supplement direct sales then PPC advertising can be considered as an important tool for display advertising slots.


Another way of making money with a news portal is to start selling subscriptions and focus on news website’s readership and try selling subscription to their content. The more time a publishers remains in the business, and regular content put out, the subscription program runs successfully.


Another substantial source of revenue to from news website is to put live events such as Industry conferences and other similar events. Local news websites consider hosting meet up events and in addition to selling tickets, publishers can promote selling sponsorship packages to businesses.

How do we help develop your news portal?

Buying a Domain

Web Host Provider

Install Templates

Newspaper Design


Publish Content


Mobile responsive websites

Increase Visibility

Revenue can be generated from the following sources:

Advertising Revenue: Banner ads and ads embedded within video content are the important source of revenue for online news portals.

Google Adsense: The advertising platform by Google serves contextual advertising on different websites and the payment is on CPC and CPM basis. Beside to work with individual advertisers we suggest you to work with premium ad agencies that serve higher paying ads.


By following the subscription revenue model news portal make content available only to paying subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is most lucrative way of generating revenue from your news portal where a commissions comes up for every purchase based on recommendation of the affiliate products or services.

Content Syndication:

It involves the rights permitting to re-publish of content created by news portal on other websites or any other print medium.

Online news portal play an important role in educating the people about the current happenings all over the world. We can handle all the operations that are required in its development stages. As the world is undergoing towards digitization therefore, we recommend you to nourish the idea of opening of online news portal with a certified, experienced development team.

Our efficient social media team we can help you develop news portal with very fast and less time-consuming methods.


  • All types of news
  • Latest and reliable news
  • Ease of accessibility
  • News as per interest
  • Live coverage
  • Breaking News coverage
  • Exclusive videos
  • Images of news events
  • Update and alert on mobile
  • Facts and Figures

We facilitate news portal development, website designing, development and much more. Our expert team develop news portal according to the business requirements of businesses by valuing ideas and beliefs. We can create best news app as per your requirement that take your business to the next level.

Nowadays, people need mobile device with an application which broadcast the latest news. Any person can become your potential user and you generate good income. It is time to create a news app and get earnings. You can contact us for unique news portal and news app.

Additional advantages:

Own Your channel

Better User experience

Higher engagement

Push notifications

More revenue opportunities

App store presence

If you are getting difficulty generating revenue from your news website, you can get in touch with us for a free assessment or consultation to get started with a solid plan to get you back on revenue track.