Manage cookies policy in Magento 2

manage cookies policy in magento 2

As you may already know, cookies are the small text files that your website places on client devices. They are used to identify specific customers and offer them a better experience. Cookies allow your online store to remember which customer you have in your cart.

It is also used to keep the client connected to your website. It also helps you collect information and statistics from your customers.

If you are managing a website, you are definitely using cookies. This function is to analyze customer behavior and numbers through a tool like Google Analytics.

In accordance with the policy since May 26, 2012, you need to activate the Magento cookie notice on your website. In other words, you should see a warning message about the cookies used on your website.

To manage cookies policy follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Stores -> Configuration.

Step 2: Select General and Click on Web.

Step 3: Click on Default Cookie Settings.

Step 4: Uncheck the Use system value and select Yes in Cookie Restriction Mode.

Step 5: Click on Save Config button. After that clean Cache to see changes.

You will see Cookies on the frontend like this.