It is indeed a very difficult task to migrate from one ecommerce platform to another that require strict discipline, and accurate procedure. It involves moving a set of programs and instructions, data, accounts, functionality, downtime, etc. from the one software to another. Software migration refer to either of transferring for operating systems, applications, databases, content management systems, networks or even a complete infrastructure.Our entire process of migration to squarespace from other platforms includes challenges of migration, strategies, solutions, checklist, templates, content, and project management tools.  We also suggest you to keep your old site on unless the new site is complete.

How can we help?

  • Branding
  • Import old content with the latest tools and technology
  • Import of Pages, blog posts, products and podcasts
  • Non Import content recreation
  • Make style changes in your website such as fonts, colors, spacing, background and other relevant elements
  • Move domain to the squarespace platform or register a new domain

Migration to squarespace from other platforms needs deep knowledge of the whole procedure. Our team of experienced developers leave no stone unturned to look into the smallest aspect of the whole shifting. We follow some best practices while optimizing you site’s SEO and reduce the effect of migration that potentially help the site’s performance in search results.

We help you transfer the domain and the matching URLs to squarespacefast, so search engines and visitors looking for your domain can always find you. Despite being off the shelf, we make sure that the new platform has all the same functions as the existing one.

Squarespace Migration Challenges:

  • Duration
  • Commitment
  • Privacy
  • Risk of Noncompliance
  • Coexistence of Old and New systems
  • Re-hosting
  • Resources

Migrations are important to improve the efficiency of the applications from an old system to current one and seek to undergo digital transformation.

Key factors while migrating:

  • Build a team of experts
  • Frame the projects
  • Risk assessment report
  • Determine technical, time and financial requirements
  • Create project management system
  • Perform the migration in phases
  • Test after each phase
  • Compare to the goalposts

After the migration is complete, we combine documents and deliver the final report to our client for reaping the rewards of newer, better, faster squarespace platform for their ROI.

Our steps for migration:

  • Strategy development
  • Assessment and analysis
  • Preparation
  • Classification and extraction
  • Validation and staging
  • Exportation

If your website business is not bringing business gain or expected ROI, it is better to migrate to a faster squarespace ecommerce platform to optimize the load time, help to bring traffic as well as increasing site up-time.

Why do you hire us?

  1. Reduced Operational cost
  2. Cost-effective solution for new launching
  3. Door of opportunity
  4. Scalability
  5. Cross-channel integration
  6. Seamless backend integration
  7. Improved site search
  8. Enhanced user experience
  9. Personalization
  10. More mobile shoppers
  11. Social Media
  12. Tag Management
  13. Latest merchandising techniques
  14. Increase reliability and speed
  15. Enhance business agility and speed

If yourcurrent platform is holding you back from making desired benefits it is better to switch to squarespace platform. It doesn’t matter how old are new your site is, sometimes migrate is the best solution. Due to more maintenance, cost, manual process, Integration problems, scalability approach, security, usability, suffering customer experience the merchandisers approach. We assure you that with our planning, proper search, and efficient strategy we can take your company to a new level.

Our USPs:

  • Strong portfolio
  • Trust
  • Specialization in design and development
  • Experience in Squarespace platform
  • Past clients reviews
  • Budget consideration
  • An organized and transparent development process

The new build or migrating will not come without its bump on the road. Hiring us for migration to squarespace from other platforms will definitely be a healthy decision.You can focus on other core business activities and leave the migration part on us.To conclude, migrating is a big task with many different things to consider.