Overview of eCommerce and Types of eCommerce Websites

Overview eCommerce Types of eCommerce Websites

Brick and mortar business is a thing of past. In such a busy scenario people intend to buy maximum things online, at their doorstep and even at odd hours when regular physical store is closed. E-commerce business provide many facilities to the users such as all-time support, use of credit, debit, smart cards, fund transfer and other facilities to pay via other modes of electronics payment. Ecommerce increase the sales, marketing and advertising of products. Inventory management becomes very easy to manage. It provides better and faster communication with customers. The biggest benefit of ecommerce is customer get each and every information in one place.

Ecommerce not only limit to buying and selling of goods but present a broader aspect such as delivering goods and services, making transactions, e-learning, and much more.

Overview of Ecommerce:

  • Imagine internet without ecommerce is impossible.
  • Important for work, study, buying , selling, learning and entertainment
  • Demand of time, business, customers and world
  • Beneficial for consumers, career and businesses
  • Increase in worldwide sale
  • More variety of products
  • Lesser  cost
  • Less time consuming
  • Control over transportation
  • Provide flexibility, freedom
  • Discounts, offers, shopping deals and notifications
  • Digital Transactions
  • Transparent business system
  • Faster business expansion
  • Different employment opportunities
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Innovative products and services
  • Minimum operational and maintenance cost
  • Multiple marketing options
  • Retain more customers
  • Quality maintained
  • Feedback, positive comments, and reviews create brand awareness
  • Increase national economic development

The other advantages of ecommerce website include water-saving, petrol savings, lower pollution, less pollution, reduced traffic and more.

Your ecommerce business success is your strong marketing strategies, customers experience, operational efficiencies, brand quality and more. The choice of ecommerce software plays a great role on the stability and profitability of your business.

The classification of ecommerce platforms is as follows:

  • Open-source: These are ecommerce solutions in which codes can be modified.
  • SaaS: Enterprise and mid-market retailers usually prefer SaaS. We can manage your products, hosting, security, PCI compliance, and other important tasks that comes under management of the software.
  • Headless Commerce: It is a version of CaaS ecommerce where shopping cart is decoupled.
  • Licensed

Ecommerce sites can be hosted in two ways.



We offer our merchants the ability to customize product information and how it is best fit in their business needs on a mutual benefit between customers and business.

Features of ecommerce platform service provider:

  • Best hosting environment, domain name
  • Uptime and bandwidth
  • Unlimited API
  • User-friendly site themes
  • Extensive integrations and plugins
  • Mobile optimized site
  • PCI compliance mitigation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Handling of Promotions, catalog management, and  discounts

Who we are?

We provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions and services. We expertise in website development, mobile app development, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing services. Our technical developers use the latest technology and media innovative ways to improve the visibility of your ecommerce business. We help build our client’s brand across all digital channels. 

  • driven
  • confident
  • passionate
  • passionate
  • Technically sound
  • Follow deadlines
  • On time delivery

We have experienced team who can develop various ecommerce websites with economical cost.

  • Ecommerce
  • Educational
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Portfolio
  • Brochure
  • Personal
  • Web portal

We are specialized in offering end-to-end solutions for various ecommerce websites. Our proven past records and our clients’ feedback keep us ahead in the digital marketing agency race. We can bring a level of growth and success to our online clients that wouldn’t have been possible before the advent of Internet. We can successfully work on few business models such as B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, wholesaling, manufacturing, Dropshipping, and other mixed business models. We can build ecommerce sites such as vendor specific, online retailers and online marketplace.

Every ecommerce is built on some platform to perform various functionalities, plugins, integrations, extensions and much more. We can be of great help of you want to grow your business or brand online. We have years of experience in creating, designing, developing, maintaining and promoting different vertical businesses ecommerce sites on various platforms. We create profit-enriched ecommerce sites that fetch more traffic and increased conversions. We believe in deep planning, result oriented development and timely-delivery.

  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Prestashop
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • 3dcart

Our Specialities:

  • A pleasant shopping experience by customers
  • Easy checkout
  • Fast-loading
  • Easy and clear navigation of products
  • Product Information
  • High-resolution product images’
  • Transparent shipping and privacy policies
  • Customer care services
  • Inventory management
  • Security
  • Easy order processing
  • Easy payment systems
  • Handling refunds, exchanges, or store credit
  • Social media and marketing
  • Execute marketing campaigns
  • And more..

No matter what your business is, we have an appropriate ecommerce platform, business model and revenue model to bring you success and higher return on your investment. The selection of a right type of ecommerce website is a crucial decision, so always choose carefully. We are equipped with all the latest tools and technology that can give your online customers an ideal shopping experience and run business smoothly.

Whether you are a startup or already a corporate giant, the best way to optimize conversions and traffic is to hire an experienced digital marketing agency.