PPC management is not a cakewalk! It is not only critical but a tedious task. Bay20’s PPC campaign is focused around the best relevant keywords selected, consistently develops and refines the list for our client’s organization. We understand that how important role dose PPC Advertising play in your online business. We have an expert PPC team who makes sure that you get the maximum return on investment for your ad and business.

We follow effective PPC Campaign:

  • Create appropriate Goals: We make sure that our PPC marketing team must have a thorough knowledge about your target audience, put themselves in the visitor’s shoes and align keywords to ensure the best quality user experience to maximize the ROI. We drive visitors to a landing page that leads them towards the goal. Our team performs on going analysis of PPC campaign to reveal about which keywords to pause, rework or promote with more additional resources.
  • Establish an Effective Campaign structure: We stay focused and try to get the most out of targeting options and provide relevant information to the targeted clients. We ensure to execute an easy, manageable and intuitive PPC campaign structure.
  • Key Factors for success: For successful PPC campaign we always keep target audience in mind and sincerely work on relevant keywords and Ad relevance, landing page optimization, achieve quality score in Google rating, analyse budget of our clients and their competitors.

Our suite of modern PPC tools as well as our qualified team allows you to focus on important parts of business and can help you in every step, whether you are new to paid search or experienced. We support you fully for perfect Ad campaigns within budget to increase conversions and maximum return on investment.

What we provide?

  • Identify Negative keywords to save money
  • More Conversions with effective PPC campaign
  • Keywords in relevance with top-performing search terms
  • Ad performance information
  • Bid optimization suggestions
  • Create logically organized ad groups
  • Improve your ad copy
  • Design convincing relevant landing pages

We regularly streamline your PPC campaign by persistently investigating the execution of your account, frequently oversee and manage, keep adding significant keywords, review costly keywords, refine landing pages, efforts to increase impression share and click-through rate, and regular account activity to have business achievements.

Your take away from PPC marketing

  • Fast measurable results
  • Get quickly on the top spot of Google’s Page search result
  • Control on budget and generate leads on low cost
  • Quality traffic targeted
  • Pay only when clicked
  • Grow customer base
  • Build brand awareness

Our specialities:

  • Experience and expertise over many years
  • Helped start ups become brand and grownups brought to next level
  • Latest tools and technology
  • Implement full-funnel PPC marketing strategies

Bay20 is a premier marketing agency that has helped companies of various types and sizes achieve their desired advertising goals through innovative online marketing strategies.

Our dedicated professionals keep a close eye to avoid bounce rate on your site and provide a quality user experience, to collect more leads and convert more customers. We go above and beyond to fulfil our clients need and stay connected of PPC news and latest information to set the latest trends and marketing strategies that bring maximum return on your investment.

If you choose the best PPC management company and qualified managers, you will surely get branding benefits and get worth of ad investment.

Qualities of our PPC managers:

  • Experience and proven track record in PPC campaigning
  • Best Research qualities and techniques
  • capable to check impressions, bounce rate, review of quality score, optimize landing page
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Complete knowledge of campaign setup
  • Best keywords selection practices
  • Perfect understanding of negative keywords
  • Expertise on conversion tracking
  • Emphasis on dedicated landing pages
  • Location expertise
  • Flexible budget plan and allocation
  • Familiarity of new features
  • Mobile Knowhow
  • Prompt Reporting and Feedback
  • Keep a track of website analysis

Our agency offers a turnkey solution to all the services and expertise you need to succeed in the online market place. A perfect landing page plays a crucial role in executing successful PPC campaigns. We have an in-house team that can design, create and test customized landing pages for your online business. We help you choose the most qualified keywords for your campaign and offer retargeting services that help you win back a lost or forgotten sale.

Bay20 provides ROI driven digital marketing solutions and put all efforts to achieve your pay-per-click advertising goals. We make PPC activities highly traceable to get exact numbers on how many times your ad appears, clicked and who clicked it.

If you want to get more revenue and maximum ROI from your online business, we will take your business to the next level with our top- notch PPC management services.