Payment Gateway Integration For Ecommerce Website

eCommerce payment methods

Steps to integrate a payment gateway to your website

With rapid proliferation of online shopping carts, one can’t swim swiftly without an effectual payment gateway system. It is the path to accept online payments from customers and must offer hassle-free transaction process for easy shopping! Every of the gateway charge depending on the transactions involved and you must choose the best among them. Customize your store with the best payment platform available for smooth sail of your business. Check on these quick tips for a clear view of payment gateway integration.

1. Grasp the gateway process

Usually the gateway works on a pre-defined systematic procedure and try not to mess up with their default process rather make your cart to work on it effectively. The gateway compiles the complete credit card information of the customer in a separate server and triggers sale with the confirmation sent to the website.

2. Wise Web Host

The online software delivers you with transaction process services by which you can merge it with your system module. This web host offers you a large number of gateway options that can be implemented quickly.

3. Options? There are many.

With vast preferences on board, you will surely be in a dilemma to pick up the best one for your online store. A smart move would be choosing the gateway which proves compatible with your cart software. A list of options for your reference –

  • PayPal
  • Perfect Money
  • Secure Pay
  • Payza
  • Verify and lots more.

4. Careful about charges

Every gateway has varied charges for each process. Hence, it can be a one- time payment or can be for each transaction process or also can be a monthly cost. Be cautious about the rates differing between an external gateway and a direct gateway. Go professional with a direct gateway system.

5. Merchant account is a must

This account is the one which takes the information from the customer and accepts payments. Hence, subscribe to the merchant account depending on the charges involved in it. And once the above procedure is done, you can sign up for your payment gateway and get an authorized username and password.

6. Start your store setup

A bug-free professional software is all that you want to create your online cart. The formation involves complicated code hence setup a trustworthy software which customizes the overall functioning module as most online entrepreneurs follow today.

7. Payment methods available.

Don’t get panicked over the provision of plenty of payment methods. Make sure that you place every of the available method for the customer in the store for an easy payment process. Usually, you must store in the payment gateway information for each mode of payment and then in turn, it detects the credit card details, customer information and so on.

8. Validation and testing

Generally, genuine testing and performance checking will be provided by the payment gateway service you are being accessed to. This ensures to crosscheck the transactions, detects the fake payments and corrects it to work accurately. Always experiment before making your cart live. Additional assistance and support is provided by every gateway service for better performance.With these above mentioned worthy steps, you can readily integrate an effective payment gateway for your site. Make online shopping cosy and trouble-free for your targeted niche with superior gateway service.