Planning a migration from shopware 5 to shopware 6

Planning a migration from shopware 5 to shopware 6

Selling and buying on e-commerce has become the nature of buyers and sellers. As the success of an online store also depends on the selected platform on which it is built, therefore, the merchants must dedicate quality time choosing the appropriate ecommerce platform or shifting to the latest version. With changing scenario customers expect perfect shopping experiences offline and online.

We support merchants, brands and retailers in planning and aligning their ecommerce strategy in changing environment. Based on the requirements we plan and implement the perfect ecommerce solutions that assure personalized and inspiring customer experiences.

In any software project, a migration is considered as a new beginning. You have to consider and plan how the migration process should be executed successfully.

Migration stages:

  • We inform about at which point of time migration is recommended and give you all the knowledge, system requirements, migration environment and procedure to set up and carry out a migration successfully.
  • The necessary preparations so that your data is always up-to-date in installation test and find out that how your data will be transferred and find out which additional adjustments are to be made in new shopware installation.
  • We help you to prepare what you have to do in shopware to put your new version online.

No direct switching is possible from an old version to new version but require a proper migration process by implementing new technologies in the frontend and core that differ significantly from the previous version. Shopware 6 is not an evolutionary successor to shopware 5, but a completely new product. Migration allows integrating the most important data from shopware 5 into shopware 6 online store. A jump in the latest version is always associated with important innovation and changes. Shopware is designed for the ecommerce of tomorrow. So at some point, a switch will certainly be relevant.

Shopware is based on the API-First approach and through a new shopping world concept it is possible to customize all parts of your online shop.

We can help you plan or setup a fully-fledged shopware 6 instance of environment to extensively test the latest version. We design a transparent roadmap of shopware 6 with plugins and interfaces that support you in decision.

In the further step of migration, we check which settings need to be adjusted if necessary and the initial overview of the currently available extensions.

Our team can support and advice you at each stage and update you regarding the status of your migration. With a maintenance contract we can always support directly via shopware account about the details of your migration.

We provide with the best sustainability, security and the perfect migration path to shopware 6. You can use our transparent roadmap to determine the best time for migration to shopware 6. We offer tailored migration path for huge range of the project requirements. Once the migration planning is complete, we generally recommend comparing the individual functions of new shopware 6 instance with those of shopware 5 by practicing individual functions in both systems such as the article detail page or completing an order.

Migration Planning include:

  • Plugin Installation
  • Creating a connection
  • API key
  • Migration overview
  • Data Selection
  • Plugins
  • History

Once you have clicked on start migration the migration is performed in four steps: -Data check, data reading, data writing and media download.

Key Features in planning a migration from shopware 5 to shopware 6:

  • User Administration
  • Content Type
  • Shopping worlds
  • Email management
  • Shopping cart
  • Individual sorting
  • Technical Innovations
  • Technical updates

We take great care to be sure that shopware retailers have many options for switching shopware 5 to 6. We develop a migration assistant that will take step-by-step through the process of switching to shopware 6.

We understand software migration is the practice of transferring data, accounts, and functionality from one platform to another. Migrating from one software to the next version needs careful planning many things can go wrong in such a long process. Our experts know the challenges of migration, methods and solutions, a checklist for planning migration and the tools required to perform. If old systems end up having functions or operations that the new system is incompatible with, the project will take a serious blow, so these issues must be known in advance of putting a migration plan into action.

What we do?

  • Preparing a long-term road map with accountable deliverables
  • Contingency plan
  • Keeping thorough documentation throughout the process
  • Test thoroughly at each phase of migration

To meet all the challenges, our experts are competent to adapt the perfect method of migration and plan accordingly.

Our Migration Planning:

  • Frame the project
  • Build a team of experts
  • Get Inventory of Assets
  • Determine relevant risk to the migration
  • Figure out Technical, Time and Financial requirements
  • Set up project management with the estimated budget
  • Perform the Migration in phases
  • Regular Testing and sandboxing
  • Record results and compare it to the goalposts

We understand that executing a software migration plan is a hard task that needs to be carefully managed to ensure success. We pick up right management tools to accomplish the migration task. We are capable to use a software migration plan template or build a custom plan to fit project needs.

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