Just like buying anything and then further maintaining for its longer life, website also requires maintenance for making it secured, prevention of data, checks for any broken links, and recent updates. If you want to stay in ecommerce website business for a longer time then maintenance done periodically is very important. Prestashop online website maintenance is more or less a foregone conclusion. If you don’t want to lose customers, more traffic, stay ranked for a longer time and wants to have increased conversion rate, then regular maintenance should be your top most priority. Online business is where you are selling experience along with products and services and hard earned money is involved. Therefore, there is good enough reason to spend some amount on website maintenance.

Website Maintenance checklist:

  1. Domain Name: You buy domain name, you create a website, design, develop and promote it but forget to renew domain name with in stipulated time. As a result you lose customers and brand image gradually.
  2. Some credentials need to be maintained once you open ecommerce store. It would be convenient and beneficial if the credentials are kept in one place rather than scattered. The following information needs to be maintained timely for ecommerce website.

    ● Hosting Credentials
    ● FTP access information
    ● Website Domain name credential
    ● Social Media Profile credential
    ● Company and employee information
    ● CRM account information
  3. Content Refinement: Content maintenance is crucially important. Keeping in touch with current trend in content is beneficial for ecommerce website to rank higher.
  4. Create Website backup: The other crucial thing to consider about prestashop maintenance is to keep back up which contains bundles of data such as products, services and valuable customer related data. Make sure to have a backup of everything on ecommerce website.
  5. Website Load speed to be refined: The other key parameters of ecommerce websites maintenance is its load speed because it affects customer behaviour in the long run. Always check the size of the images, weight of the content uploaded, check the speed on different devices and browsers etc. You always hire a reliable ecommerce expertise company that can help you in prestashop maintenance.
  6. Maintenance of website design: Design is something that should keep changing seeing the current trend of the ecommerce market, kind of audience etc. Prestashop maintenance should include constant reviewing of website design quotient and to stay in line with international trend. The design is the mirror of your store. If design is attractive it will support in fetching more customers and sales. An appealing design is an important aspect in Prestashop maintenance which developers should seriously work upon. You must partner with a credible ecommerce website design agency which can develop better connect with the audience.
  7. Website SEO: The SEO status of the prestashop ecommerce website should always be updated to have more traffic, higher Google ranking and increased conversion ratio. Search Engine Optimization is what attracts potential customers to purchase from your website and it also helps define online presence and website visibility. Always chose SEO experts for promotion of your ecommerce website because it is something that decided the fate of your ecommerce business. Thus, needs to be taken with utmost attention.
  8. Fix up 404 errors immediately: If you find any 404 error (user lands on a page that doesn’t work or a dead link) try fixing it quickly else would leave a wrong impression and even Google may penalize and downgrade your ecommerce site in few days which can be beyond repair. It will not only spoil your online reputation with in search engines but also takes your customers away. To avoid 404 error website maintenance is very important.
  9. Browser Compatibility: If you wish to run ecommerce business successfully, always check for browser compatibility test. You should periodically check whole website on different set of browsers on how quickly your website is loading. If you assign the task to reliable web development team, they will make sure that your website look like an app if opened on a mobile phone, tablet or browser.
  10. Review of Website Security: A well experienced ecommerce solution company will always maintain website security for prestashop online store so that customers feel secure to buy from you. Prestashop maintenance includes detailed security report not only on website but also on your server.
  11. Review of every website Link: If you have assigned any ecommerce solution company for your prestashop website then ensure that all outgoing website links are thoroughly checked, working and have a proper destination because proper internal linking plays key role when it comes to Google ranking.

If you want prestashop online website to work like a well-oiled machine then you also consider updating website forms, company contact information, users opinions and reviews, check and review spam comments, Google analytics and webmaster tools. Our team is fully professional and competent, always ready to provide support at any module and adhere to deadline.

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