A well planned SEO is the backbone behind the success of any ecommerce online stores. Without SEO an ecommerce website is just like a student who is well prepared for exam but no examiner to evaluate the answer sheet. Prestashop SEO should be done while developing an online store, not after. Just making the website and not doing SEO will not create traffic to the store resulting in fewer sales. Prestashop is an Open Source e-commerce platform to provide best shopping cart and user experience. The software is written in PHP, Highly customizable, supports major payment services, translated in many languages and has a responsive design both front and back end office.

Features for a successful Prestashop SEO:

Valid Coding:

This is crucial step towards successful SEO. The theme selected for Prestashop should have valid coding with knowledge of updated tools.

Responsive Design:

Responsiveness is very important to get potential traffic and sales else when users find the site irresponsive they tend out to take poor image and change their buying decision. The responsive design can bring ecommerce website on top in search engine Google ranking.  Now- a-days customers in the absence of responsive design even change their mind to buy and stay off from the website.

URL Settings:

What we do?

  1. Listing of your Prestashop store on free directories

    The best way to move your site up in the result ranking is to register with directories. For that, you need to figure out which keywords should be used for the search engines.
  2. Tags Optimization

    Tags are sort of text in HTML code for Google to read and digest that which search criteria are relevant and beneficial for your online store. They are used to categorize and define site. The title tag is very important and encourages visitors to click on your link.
  3. Original Product Titles

    The product titles are important for SEO because Google looks at them before ranking and each title should have relevant description of each product.
  4. URL Optimization

    URLs should be clearly defined and better to use hyphen to space key words. Avoid using long URLs with so many numbers. Friendly URLs should be created in Prestashop that helps search engines to identify products and match the search result with the requested search.
    If the content is duplicating it can bring search engine ranking down and can be observed as spam. The SEO settings for Prestashop Page type is as follows:
    – Description: Some description to categories and sub categories as it is indexed by search bots
    – Meta Title: The category title is added
    – Meta Description: Category description
    – Meta Keywords: Few keywords for the specific category
    – Friendly URL: The friendly URL for particular category page is customized
  5. Blog Writing

    A well-written blog is helpful in bringing the site up in Google search results. By adding appropriate keywords in your articles, magnificent results can be obtained. A good blog is just like a stone with which two birds can be killed at the same time.
  6. Title your photos

    Photo titles are key element in SEO because Google cannot see and analyse photos but it can read the title.
  7. Avoid Duplicating Content

    When Google finds out same content on two different URL it counts them as doubled content and assign low quantitative value and may be penalized by the search engines.
  8. Increase Number of Hyperlinks

    The relevance of ecommerce site is assessed by search engine with the help of Google Page Rank. Therefore to increase ranking increase the hyperlink leading to pages that means you need to form association with other online sites or stores that can add link to your website.
  9. Google Analytic Tool

    To know statistic of your website a Google Analytic tool is applied which show the statistic such as number of Visitors, Page Views,  most visited pages, their countries etc.
  10. Power of Content

    Never under judge the power of content and after identifying the right keywords write articles and blogs and make sure the content you write is search engine optimized. A meaningful content can help achieve your Prestashop store higher rank in search engine page result and increase sales accordingly.
  11. Be present on Social Media Platforms

    Content should be optimized for social media platforms because maximum people interact through social media and to reach out target audience to connect your PrestaShop ecommerce store to other social media accounts such as FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube etc.  The Prestashop store must have social share icons so that visitor could share your product further. This feature might improve SEO because the pages that are linked or shared via Social network platforms have better chances of getting higher rank on the social engine result page. No matter how smartly and professionally your prestashop store has been promoted, we always have space to add more SEO modules to your store for extra functionality.
  12. Page Load Time:

    The factor responsible for bringing the product on Google ranking is Page Load Time. If the page loads faster it is ranked higher. Prestashop platform is quite fast and has additional settings to boost the speed of your ecommerce store with speed optimization plugins.
  13. Google Sitemap

    Sitemap helps to know the structure of the website and it becomes easier for search engine crawlers to navigate and index your website.
    If you want to make your PrestaShop website prominent in popular search engines then increase the ranking of your webpage by applying a technique or skill called SEO. Prestashop SEO helps in building customers, exploration of new markets, better conversion rates and brand awareness.