Prostores to BigCommerce Migration Services: An Explanation

Prostores to BigCommerce Migration Services: An Explanation

Formerly known as Kurant Store Sense, ProStore was an e-commerce web- hosting platform whose support services where terminated, with effect on 1 February 2015. This is why all the ecommerce business owners and e-retailers with ProStore websites where to shift from this platform to any other platform of their choosing. Many developers, designers and consultants in the business advise businesses to migrate to BigCommerce.

Since migration happens very rarely (mostly just once over the lifetime of the business), most business owners have no idea about how to get the migration done. This is where the ProStores to BigCommerce migration service providers come into picture. It is essential for all of the business owners to get the best possible professional help because there are many things that happen in the migration of a website.

Why opt for BigCommerce:

The ecommerce business owners looking to migrate from their initial platform must be sure of which platform to migrate too. BigCommerce seems to be the perfect alternative platform, which is expected to provide the best possible features to those migrating to it. Here are the reasons why:

  • BigCommerce has better pricing than most other web-building/ hosting platforms and hence it wins out.
  • The user interface on BigCommerce is known for- its ease of use. This adds a lot of utility in for ecommerce businesses by making it easier for owners to handle their day- to- day business activities.
  • There are tools specifically placed to help all the various sort of ecommerce businesses in this platform. This platform caters to all the needs of diverse entities and hence preferred by most businesses as well as the professionals/ developers who offer the ProStores to BigCommerce migration services.

Importance of Efficient Migration:

There are developers and professionals who have been helping ecommerce businesses in different parts of the world with their migration needs. It is quite unlikely that a business owner may be able to get a migration done on his/ her own. There are many components to migration, which include:

  • Migration of the data and the design
  • Migration of the features from previous site to BigCommerce platform
  • Fine- tuning of the features and settings as per BigCommerce
  • SEO optimization
  • Up-gradation to the responsive feature provided y BigCommerce

It is required that each of these components of the migration process is paid equal importance and the whole process be done correctly and accurately. A badly done migration will adversely affect the operational ability of the website and hence the sustenance ability of the business. While a properly done migration, which takes advantage of all the amazing features provided by BigCommerce will improve the possibility of success of the business. Some professionals, who have provided numerous ecommerce businesses with ProStores to BigCommerce migration services, suggest that anyone seeking to get migration done must jump on it quickly. That is because the sooner the decision is made the more time the owner has to learn about the various tools and to get used to the interface.

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