PSD to Theme Conversion Services

PSD to Theme Conversion Services

What are PSD template and the need for PSD to theme conversion services?

PSD is short for Photoshop Document, that is, a document created in Photoshop. These documents store images with the widest possible characteristics. A PSD web template on similar lines refers to a raw file created under a Photoshop project. Web developers/ designers create these files so that theses can later on be used to create websites with the imagery and visuala. There are two ways to use PSD for website creation- one, by cutting it into pieces and second by opting for PSD to theme conversion services.

PSD to theme conversion is the process by which a PSD template is implemented into making a live website. The PSD template contains all of the visual elements/ segments that are to be included in a website. These elements include the background, the typography of the content, the layout of the site and many other characteristics.

The only difference between a PSD and a website is that the PSD web template does not have any HTML or CSS coding/ elements. This is why we need to get PSD to theme conversion services.

A Conversion How To:

Converting a PSD to a WordPress or any other theme involves the completion of a series of tasks. A brief description of what goes into the making of the theme from the PSD template follows.

Step 1: The first step is accessing the parts of the design in the PSD template; namely- the background, the header, menu, footer, bullets, left bar etc. All these parts are the different layers of the website that are saved according a sequence of their requirements and functions.

Step 2: The next step is the creation of a HTML CSS static template file from the design in the PSD web template. The index and style files are created first and the rest of the structure is as defined by WordPress or respective platform.

Step 3: Once the layers are saved and the static file is created, next comes coding. This is one of the most critical parts of PSD to theme conversion services. This may take the longest of time and every part of coding must be paid its due attention. Following the coding, the grouping of the files as per the WordPress structure is done.

Step 4: After completing the coding and grouping as per WordPress structure, the codes are pasted into their place in WordPress. A little more fine-tuning from the developers and the website is ready to go live.

These steps are brief and concise form of what goes into converting a PSD into a WordPress theme. However, PSD to theme conversion services are not limited to WordPress only. Other categories of conversion include PSD to 3DCart theme conversion, PSD to BigCommerce theme conversion, PSD to Drupal theme conversion, PSD to HTML, PSD to Magento theme conversion, PSD to Shopify, PSD to Prestashop and PSD to Joomla theme conversion. With right guidance as to the platform most suitable for your e-store, blog or website, conversion process can be completed smoothly and efficiently.