PWA for Magento using Vue Storefront

PWA For Magento Using Vue Storefront

PWA is a web application that uses the latest web technologies design patterns to provide a fast, engaging and reliable user experience. The Progressive Web applications are cross-browser compatible, able to work offline, fast, responsive, secure and act like native app on mobile. PWA promises a powerful, app-like browsing experience and evolves how customers utilize their mobile devices. As mobile traffic is growing and influenced over digital commerce to grow, therefore expectations of on-the go consumers have also increased. They want lighting fast, app-like browsing experiences. Progressive Web Apps is the future of shopping experiences.

Vue storefront is big and most complete PWA tool in the market. Our developers are familiar with popular Vue framework and comfortable with a new development environment. The storefront offers multiple API integration options instead of tying developers to specific solutions. Vue storefront looks more complete if it is not polished than competition. Vue storefront is a great option for handling PWA project.

Progressive Web Applications has a promising set of tools created by magento community and designed to handle the challenges specific to Magento PWA development.

Benefits of using PWA for Magento using Vue storefront:

Vue Storefront is most complete and the biggest PWA

It has openness for magneto community and the speed on which technology is occurring is matchless. This makes the storefront the best choice for our clients’ projects.

Standard PWA

In reality it is the developer experience that makes a difference. With PWA technology mobile and web apps are developed fast.

Flexible Framework

It uses the most flexible framework that helps developer to build stores in less time.

Headless Architecture

The other unique feature is its efficiency to change backend without changing or touching frontend.


It uses standard eCommerce features out of the box. It can be immediately used and ready for functionality.

Platform Agnostic

It runs equally well across more than one platform. It is scalable and flexible and can push projects to production fast.

Top-notch technologies

It is built on lighting-fast frontends which is based on micro services architecture.

Progressive Web Apps is the foundation of Vue storefront that leverages to build amazing ecommerce storefronts.

Wonderful performance

It has incredible performance with unmatched technology. We help our clients to improve conversion rates and engagement of their ecommerce store with minimal bounce rates by implementing PWA for magento using Vue storefront.

Native Functionalities

It delivers responsive and smooth shopping experience without developing apps for multiple web platforms and browsers.


It is a production-ready PWA with maximum number of add-ons and integrations.

We use scalable modules, flexible architecture and matchless extensions to accomplish the project of our client.

The philosophy behind PWA

  • Responsive
  • Connectivity
  • Progressive
  • App-Like
  • Fresh
  • Safe Discoverable
  • Installable
  • Linkable

We are a team of expert developers and capable to build new or renovate the existing web shop as a PWA web shop. The Vue storefront can create ultra-fast browser experience, lightweight looking ecommerce store. A small to medium-sized businesses adopt native app-experience to their online product.

Our agile way of working makes us popular among our customers. We sincerely work on design, wire framing, backend and frontend development. Our workflow is streamlined to a perfectly working formula. PWA for magento brings lot of improvement in SEO rankings and Google is really approving PWA site and stores as compared to others.

PWA can do lot for improving SEO ranking and fast result can be achieved. Magento 2 extension creates a seamless experience between the Magento 2 checkout and Vue Storefront Catalogue that gives flexibility in choosing the checkout and payment providers that fits the customer’s needs. One of the unique features of Vue storefront is that being open source it implements the improvements, solutions directly. The future of PWA technology in Magento stores seems to very helpful.

PWA has lot of advantages as compared to traditional websites and winning the favour from Magento community, Google, SEO etc. We are experienced in developing PWA applications such as Vue storefront for Magneto stores and achieved appreciation from our clients. PWA will make good couple with eCommerce in the years to come.

Magento websites can benefit from PWA technology

  • PWA is SEO-friendly

    We make no stone unturned to make your online store easily visible for your customers. While turning your website to PWA, users get immersive experience of an app and yet maintaining robustness of the web. PWA is optimized for mobile and high-speed site means better ranking results.
  • Get advantage of Mobile Commerce without paying more

    We build PWA for your website with our hard core experienced team to engage with your customers without paying higher cost. With only one code base for all platforms, it can run anywhere.
  • Customers can access website across any device and platform

    PWA is written in web languages – CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The customers can access the app from any functioning browser. Customers can enjoy app-like experience of the store without putting much effort.
  • Fast loading of Magento website and works without the Internet

    One second delay could cause the conversion rates to fall on the other hand fast loading website helps the merchants to stay ahead of the competition. PWA focuses on speed and can minimize network traffic through a variety of functions.
  • Push notifications engage customers
    With PWA you can keep your potential customers engaged with shipping update, special promotions, newly arrived products etc.