6 Reasons Startups Should Prefer BigCommerce Solution

Reasons Startups should Prefer BigCommerce Solution

When choosing an eCommerce platform, startup owners often get confused since many eCommerce solutions are available in the market. If that’s the case with you, we have compiled a blog on why startups should prefer BigCommerce solutions.

The name Bigcommerce has become a giant in the eCommerce market because of the extensive features offered by the brand. The platform was created in 2009, and since then, it has come a long way. But startup owners who don’t have much experience or budget often get confused when choosing an eCommerce platform. The reason for the same is the availability of so many eCommerce solutions, everybody claiming to be the best. But what if we say BigCommerce is the right choice for all the startup wonders.

The below-listed reasons will clear all your doubts.

Reasons Startups Should Try BigCommerce Solution

As a startup owner, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a platform full of bugs and requiring regular support. BigCommerce breaks all these barriers and provides complete freedom to store owners. That’s why it has been the top choice when picking the affordable eCommerce solution for medium and small business owners.

  1. Cost Effective – The very first reason to try BigCommerce is that it is cost-effective. Starting an online store comes with many costs like development, design, security, hosting, and more. All this costs a ton of money which newbies can’t afford. But BigCommerce stands out in that department by providing inbuilt design, customisation and development features, making it an affordable solution. Merchants do not have to bear any additional costs with BigCommerce.
  2. Abandon Cart Notification –Many buyers leave the site without buying anything due to a technical issue or some other reason. Abandoning carts is one of the significant concerns among store owners. Not only does it affect the store’s reputation, but it also costs sales. But with BigCommerce, store owners have the flexibility to send automated recovery emails to customers about the cart activity. This will help customers resume the buying process from their inbox without difficulty.
  3. No Development and Maintenance Cost – It has been said that after a while, the maintenance cost of a site is comparatively less than it was in the beginning. But contrary to this, store owners invested more money in development and maintenance. BigCommerce cares about its customer’s money by only charging for goods rather than asking for growth and maintenance.
  4. Flexible Designs – Today’s customers prefer personalisation over anything. If he doesn’t find the website UI and design attractive, he only takes a second to leave the site. That’s why the eCommerce solution should be flexible enough with many template options to meet customers’ requirements. BigCommerce understands this very well; that’s why it is swamped with unique and pleasing designs so that you will end up attracting more customers.
  5. Minimum User Adoption – Many eCommerce platforms or solutions available today have regular software updates, meaning merchants need to download the stable update to keep their stores intact. However, this sometimes leads to giving control of legacy software to the eCommerce solution, which can restrict the update in future if the site has low or minimum user adoption. To avoid all such situations, store owners prefer solutions that work for a lifetime instead of monthly or annual subscriptions. BIgCommerce firms stand on that policy.
  6. Visibility – A store is not enough if you are not employing tools that can track customers’ behaviour based on geographical location, interests, etc. To achieve the same, various other tools are available in the market, but installing extra plugins and extensions will burden the site. That’s why going with BigCommerce is a suitable choice, as it has inbuilt features to enhance visibility, track performance and everything.

Besides this, BigCommerce has multiple payment processors, which ease the whole payment-related problems. Further, more than 400 queries can be processed per second using the BigCommerce API. This includes specialised software programmes that let you change your login information, catalogue, and shopping cart.

Final Thought

That’s all! Here we have listed down all the reasons to give BigCommerce a try. The software has many features and capabilities, making it a suitable choice for the new business owner. However, often store owners get overwhelmed when setting up their BigCommerce store. To help you with that, website development agencies can assist in setting up the store.

So call your website development agency nearby and start your full-fledged store without difficulty.

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