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Salesforce Development

Our team of skilled engineers assists businesses of all sizes to optimize their Salesforce CRM, from startups to multinational conglomerates.

In Bay20, we understand just how unique your company is. The best part of using Salesforce as our CRM is that we don't have to change how we do business to make it work. Instead, we can modify the CRM programs to suit better how we run our company. Due to Salesforce CRM's adaptable framework, we've been able to implement several beneficial modifications. To get any further, you should contact an established Salesforce Development Firm. We are the same company that has spent the last decade perfecting its Salesforce CRM solutions for many businesses.

With the help of Bay20's Salesforce application development services, you can efficiently and effectively manage your organization by promptly meeting its critical needs.

Bay20 offers a comprehensive suite of Salesforce development services to meet our customers' ever-changing business needs. Using our extensive knowledge of extending and customizing Salesforce using Visualforce and Apex, our team of Salesforce experts will get you and create solutions for your unique business needs.

We assist businesses in formulating, outlining, and enacting Salesforce-based enterprise-wide solutions. We impart how organizations deal with and treat their clients, suppliers, and even workers.

Salesforce is a cutting-edge platform that streamlines administrative duties and improves client interaction. At Bay20, we design the foundation of cloud computing to ensure that you have a positive and cost-effective experience. Thanks to the robust Salesforce developer tools like Lightning, Force, the Developer Console, the Workbench, and the Salesforce Lightning Inspector, our customers have a limitless canvas on which to exercise their creativity and innovation.

  • Salesforce Customization
  • Salesforce Lightning App
  • App Exchange Listing
  • Support & Management
  • Specification of the Salesforce Application Programming Interface
  • A Salesforce Upgrade
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Salesforce Analytics

Development Services for Salesforce That Cover Every Angle

We are committed to providing you with robust, efficient, and bug-free business applications that will increase your productivity and revenue.


Salesforce Integration

We provide the most dependable, secure, scalable, and seamless integration possible between Salesforce and the rest of your business's software. In addition, our skilled group creates AppExchange applications for software vendors, allowing for simple integration of their solution alongside Salesforce. We construct web services in Salesforce that aid the third-party app in exchanging data with Salesforce.


Salesforce Application Development

Bay20's Salesforce App Development solutions target specific industries, such as healthcare, retail, professional services, and manufacturing, and are informed by years of experience in those fields. Using Salesforce's app development capabilities, we create internal and AppExchange-ready apps tailored to specific business needs.


Maintenance and support for Salesforce

Bay20's team of Salesforce experts, including developers, business analysts, and administrators, is on call 24/7 to ensure your Salesforce solution's continuity and rapid growth. We help businesses with administrative tasks with services like salesforce support and maintenance.


Salesforce Consulting

You can level up your company with the help of Bay20 first-rate Salesforce consulting and customer relationship management services. Your company will undergo a metamorphosis when you start providing first-rate service to your clientele. Bay20 offers its clients a sales force energizing books. Our services in Salesforce development and deployment are comprehensive.


Salesforce Integration

We provide seamless, scalable, and secure Salesforce connections for your business. Furthermore, our sailed team creates Applaching programs for software suppliers to integrate their solution with Salesforce and web services in Salesforce that aid third-party apps in exchanging data with Salesforce.


Salesforce Customization

We provide Salesforce-customization programs that address crucial issues that can't be resolved using standard CRM tools and contribute to enhancing the entire internal and external processes of our client's businesses. Extremely sophisticated software like this coordinates tasks like delivery scheduling and building maintenance.

Salesforce CRM Development Solutions

Regarding the Salesforce CRM ecosystem, Bay20 is here to help by configuring and implementing custom apps and connecting Salesforce with other third-party systems to produce bespoke business solutions for our clients. Utilizing Salesforce CRM's in-built features, we may create new screens or modify existing ones to suit each company's needs better. Our customers can do the following with the help of CRM:

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Maintain vigilance over your consumer information.


Ease repetitive tasks and keep your sights on the advancing lead objects.


Connects the group regardless of location or device.


Quickly provide analysis and suggestions.


Smartly collecting customer email is a must.

Salesforce Mobile Solution Development

Our ability to quickly create mobile apps with a special connection of code-driven tools and metadata is made possible by Salesforce. We extend this capability to our clients so that they can use the best tool for the job. Salesforce's mobile development solutions use a drag-and-drop component-based development methodology to quickly prototype unique apps in any framework or language, allowing for instant deployment to end users. We outline how you can use Salesforce mobile solutions to extend your processes and data to mobile, allowing you to take action from anywhere, keep up-to-date, manage leads and prospects, collaborate with your team, close sales more quickly, and much more. Each of our Salesforce-based mobile app solutions puts a world of features at your fingertips.

Salesforce Mobile Solution Development
  • Rapid-fire mobile app
  • Accept the Einstein Voice-Activated Assistant
  • Embrace Einstein Analytics
  • Includes the powerful Einstein Search
  • Low-code, click-based mobile customization.
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Delivering End-to-End Salesforce Services Globally

Our expert team of Salesforce developers guarantees scalable and easily maintained solutions.

Salesforce AI Solution

Salesforce AI Solution

With Salesforce Einstein, we can help our customers by using the power of AI. Salesforce Einstein is an intelligent layer of the customer 360 platform that pulls in powerful Al technologies at the point of performance for all users. To make more innovative apps and specialized Salesforce Al solutions for their organization, developers and admins have access to a wide variety of platform services through the Einstein platform.

  • Einstein Bots

    Einstein Bots

    Crafting and deploying our Einstein bots is a breeze, and our trained bespoke bots are taught using our clients' CRM data to better the business processes, fortify their staff, and satisfy their customers.

  • Einstein Prediction Builder

    Einstein Prediction Builder

    With a few clicks and no coding required, our builder can create custom Al models on any Salesforce object or data to forecast business outcomes.

  • Einstein Language

    Einstein Language

    To better understand the client's feelings and desires, we draft an Einstein language that can identify the underlying sentiment and intent in a text body. Everywhere, using every available medium.

  • Einstein Vision

    Einstein Vision

    Handle the strength of image recognition in your applications by training deep learning models to recognize your items, brand, and more.

  • Einstein Discovery

    Einstein Discovery

    Tips and insights enabled by artificial intelligence increase efficiency and help you see new and exciting connections in your data.

Software Integration

3rd Party Software Integration

By incorporating other data sources, we design a better service for our staff and clients. Using the Salesforce platform as a magnet, we bring together your disparate systems and the data in your HR, ERP, and on-premises applications to produce a consolidated view of your customers. Bay20's broad APIs and potent tools drastically reduce the time required to integrate with existing back-end systems. Our team helps businesses leverage the Salesforce solution to integrate with other applications for enhanced productivity.

  • Custom Integration

    Custom Integration

    We are experts at quickly sketching bespoke integration solutions. You can use Net, Java, or JS to integrate with Salesforce.

  • Tool-Based Methods of Integration

    Tool-Based Methods of Integration

    We use native integration technologies within Salesforce, such as Informatica Cloud and jitterbit, to connect a wide variety of Salesforce-based products.

  • Integration App Development

    Integration App Development

    We develop AppExchange to facilitate software vendors' integration with Salesforce.

  • API Development

    API Development

    Our staff is well-versed in assisting businesses in constructing bespoke APIs inside their existing solutions, facilitating simple API integration with Salesforce.

Advanced Salesforce Cloud Application Design and Development

More efficient and scalable methods for creating and applying motes

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Accelerate your company's expansion through sales cloud services by centralizing your marketing and lead generation efforts on a single platform. Bay20 Salesforce Sales cloud services bring clients up-to-date knowledge following tried-and-true methods, centralized monitoring of all sales activities, and improved productivity.

  • Sales Cloud Analytics

    Sales Cloud Analytics

    Through Sales Cloud Analytics, we help you achieve your sales and revenue goals by giving you access to actionable data and insights into how your leads are progressing.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    Reports & Dashboards

    Through the use of Reports and dashboards, we let sales managers monitor the progress of the company's overall sales and individual sales representatives. The strengths and weaknesses of sales representatives are highlighted, along with the elements that affect their productivity.

  • Lead Conversion Process

    Lead Conversion Process

    We save you time and effort by automating the steps required to convert a lead into a contact, opportunity, and account, or just into an account and opportunity.

  • Sales Cloud Migration

    Sales Cloud Migration

    Utilizing our Sales Cloud Migration service allows you to easily switch your CRM over to Sales Cloud without disrupting your existing data, processes, or integration.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By customizing (making and overseeing) all marketing initiatives, Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to maintain a rigorous track on customer journey management. It expedites the distribution of marketing reports and enhances the predictive analysis that allows sound judgments to be reached.

  • Sales Cloud Analytics

    Social Studio

    Our technology allows for streamlined publishing, listening, and customer engagement across all social media platforms.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    Advertising Studio

    Through our Advertising Studio, we help our client’s target one-on-one advertising using customer relationship management (CRM) data to acquire and re-engage customers. Integration with Pardot Through our Pardot interface, we've brought together the sales and marketing departments on one platform for 828 marketing automation.

  • Lead Conversion Process

    Pardot Integration

    We fuse the sales and marketing on a sole platform for B2B marketing automation using our Pardot integration.

  • Sales Cloud Migration

    Interaction Studio

    We monitor, visualize, and manage real-time user experience, which drives high-quality engagement at just the right time in our Interaction Studio.

  • Sales Cloud Migration

    Mobile Studio

    Now, you may tailor the mobile engagement, embracing push notifications, SMS, and chat messaging by using our Mobile Studio.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Services Cloud

Salesforce Services Cloud

Differentiate yourself from rivals by forging enduring bonds with clients using Salesforce service cloud offerings. You may close the gap between your company and potential clients by providing individualized service experiences. Integrating the service cloud into applications allows for solid communication, automation of the process, and the creation of seamless solutions for customers.

  • Customer Services

    Customer Services

    We get things fixed quickly by using a suite of powerful productivity tools that gives agents a complete, shared view of all customers and interactions.

  • Self Service Portal

    Self Service Portal

    Our staff facilitates customer service by connecting them to relevant resources such as knowledge bases, account details, and step-by-step guides.

  • Einstein AI for Services

    Einstein AI for Services

    We increase agent efficiency by providing them with Al-powered suggestions and forecasts in the agent's working environment.

  • Field Service Lightning

    Field Service Lightning

    With our solutions for all functions and sectors, we can help streamline your field service operations.

  • Connect Digital Channels

    Connect Digital Channels

    We incorporate web chat, mobile messaging, and social media to communicate with clients where they spend the most time.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

It's a SaaS e-commerce platform hosted in the cloud, making it very scalable. For a top-notch online shopping experience, nothing beats Salesforce Commerce Cloud's best-in-class tools and capabilities, which have been developed and fine-tuned over many years. We carefully select the option that most closely aligns with their stated business objectives for each of our customers.

  • Einstein AI for Commerce

    Einstein AI for Commerce

    No data scientist is necessary, thanks to our team's ability to deploy AI to serve upgraded clients with customized experiences.

  • Ecommerce CRM

    Ecommerce CRM

    By integrating data from several departments (including commerce, marketing, and service), we provide a unified experience for our clients.

  • Headless eCommerce

    Headless eCommerce

    We also integrate eCommerce with the service to assist with orders and increase transparency, and automate the processes for timely delivery and payment.

  • Order Management

    Order Management

    By combining online storefronts with order tracking, we help to inspire recurring business through a streamlined purchasing process.

  • Migrate to Commerce Cloud

    Migrate to Commerce Cloud

    You won't believe how easy our Salesforce is. We can help you successfully move and update your upgraded e-commerce platform without breaking the bank.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud

Now, with the help of Salesforce's community cloud services, you can bring your company's customers, employees, and business partners together on a single platform to streamline their interactions. Critical advantages of the community cloud include streamlined, transparent, and uninterrupted communication across organizational levels and the simplification and amplification of business operations.

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Members can show their support for one another based on their areas of expertise, and we recognize the most active users with badges on their profiles.

  • Personalized Experienced

    Personalized Experienced

    We also leverage customer relationship management (CRM) data to identify the users and audiences for the tailored content, and we adjust the experiences for all user types.

  • 3rd Party Data Integration

    3rd Party Data Integration

    Data from Salesforce and external sources can be imported into Community Cloud and used for various purposes.

  • Community Portal

    Community Portal

    We provide our customers with a user-friendly hub where they can manage their accounts, read the articles, submit claims, and track their cases' progress.

  • Mobile Collaboration

    Mobile Collaboration

    Our Lightning Communities are entirely responsive and mobile-friendly, so everyone can efficiently utilize them, no matter their device.

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is a B2B marketing automation system that can scale your business. Bay20 guarantees its customers the cutting edge of advertising software. We help clients reach revenue goals, improve communication between their sales and marketing departments, and make the most of their current assets.

  • Pardot Implementation

    Pardot Implementation

    Uninterrupted, we introduce Pardot to improve return on investment and invigorate marketing efforts.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Analytics & Reporting

    We also generate reports and dashboards to help you make educated business choices based on your data.

  • Lead Nurturing

    Lead Nurturing

    Our top-notch lead nurture efforts help customers move quickly through the sales cycle and establish lasting relationships with our brand.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    We also test innovative tactics to increase open, click-through, and conversion rates and provide an overview of the most effective and successful email campaigns.

  • Lead Scoring

    Lead Scoring

    Your sales team will benefit from our knowledge of the prospects' engagement levels, allowing them to identify the most promising leads and clinch deals efficiently.

Salesforce Pardot
Salesforce Lightning Development Services

Salesforce Lightning Development Services

Bay20’s Salesforce experts work hand in hand with each client's Salesforce instance to meet their business's unique requirements to increase and convert sales. Our expertise in Salesforce Lightning Development services means we know the quickest routes to getting our customers Lightning-ready. We offer a wide range of Salesforce lightning development services. We can help you migrate from the primary Salesforce platform to the customer-focused Salesforce lightning platform, which can help you deliver solutions more quickly and intelligently. In addition, we simplify the entire changeover procedure in a way that will have zero impact on your usual business operations.

  • Salesforce Lightning Consulting
  • Salesforce Lightning Component Development
  • Salesforce Lightning Community Portals
  • Salesforce Lightning App Development
  • The Salesforce Lightning-Ready Configuration

Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce, a vital component of the Salesforce App Cloud, is a robust cloud computing platform focused on automating corporate activities. Bay20 assists businesses in developing and implementing dependable solutions. Working together, we help our customers make the most of applications, which are modified versions of Custom applications built on have excellent security.'s cloud solutions for developing bespoke applications are both robust and safe. Our staff of experts is well trained in all the Salesforce cloud platform technical areas. All of our programmers have earned Salesforce certifications, providing you with clear evidence of our commitment to and mastery of the platform.

  • Development
  • Migration to
  • Integration with
  • Lightning Equipment
Salesforce Development Services

Why You Should Use Bay20's Salesforce Solutions

Our cutting-edge software will help your company save time and money while providing superior service to your clientele.


Prompt Shipping


Highly Skilled and Experienced Programmers


Adaptive Procedures


Reputation Backed Up by Many Satisfied Customers


Maintaining Complete Happiness for Every One of Our Customers


Reasonable Costs


Certified by Nasscom


Support and Upkeep that are Actively Provided for


Top-Rated Salesforce Professional


The Ability to Serve International Customers


Certified to ISO 9001:2008 Standards


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How does Pardot assist our marketing team in crafting marketing campaigns?

Bay20 guarantees its customers the cutting edge of advertising software. We help clients reach revenue goals, improve communication between their sales and marketing departments, and make the most of their current assets.

What is Lightning Experience?

The Salesforce user interface and experience have been updated to the cutting-edge Lightning Design. It's not simply an updated, more aesthetically pleasing version of Salesforce; it's an altogether new manner of dealing with your organization's data. If you've used Salesforce1 before, the mobile experience will feel very familiar.

Can we still follow Salesforce Classic?

You can see who is following you and what you are following in Salesforce Classic. Check out who's been following you and what they've been up to by clicking on the Following tab of your profile. Those you are following will have their activity (posts, comments, likes) displayed in your feed.

What is CRM?

Managing your company's contacts with current and potential consumers is more accessible using customer relationship management (CRM) software. The objective is direct: strengthen connections with other companies to expand your own.

Why Salesforce?

With Salesforce, you can streamline your company's critical processes for tremendous customer success. On this system, you may do everything from selling and servicing to marketing and collaborating to app development and knowing your clients inside and out.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software corporation whose products aim to assist businesses in expanding their customer base, securing new agreements, and providing exceptional customer care.

How does the Salesforce mobile app help?

You can always access crucial information and tools with the Salesforce mobile app. On the other hand, some work tasks are more suited to being completed on a desktop or laptop computer. Use Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic if you need access to data or features unavailable in the mobile app.

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