Set Up Tax Rules In Magento 2

Set Up Tax Rules In Magento 2

Tax rules are a combination of product class, customer class and tax rate. In which each customer is assigned to a customer class, and each product is assigned to a product class. Magento analyzes the shopping cart of each customer and calculates the appropriate tax according to the customer and product classes, and the region (based on the customer’s shipping address, billing address or shipping origin).

Step 1: Login to your admin and go to Stores > Taxes > Tax Rules.


Step 2: Click on Add New Tax Rule button.


Step 3: Fill up the blank fields.

  • Name: Enter your tax rule name.
  • Tax Rate:- There are three ways to add the tax rate
    • Select from the given rates.
    • Enter tax rates manually.
    • Import tax rate.

Method 1: Enter Tax Rates Manually

a.) Click on Add New Tax Rate.

  • Tax identifier: Enter name of the tax rate which must be unique.
  • Zip/Post Range: Select the specified range if you want to set.
  • State: Select the state name of your tax rate.
  • Country: Select the country name of your tax rate.
  • Rate Percent: Enter the percentage of tax rate which customers have to pay.

b.) Click on Save button.

Method 2: Import Tax Rates

  • Import Tax Rates:- Choose tax rates csv file which you want to import.
  • Import Tax Rates:- After choose fileclick on import tax rates button.
  • Export Tax Rates:- If you want to export tax rates click on Export Tax Rates button.

Step 4:- Expand Additional Settings.

  • Customer Tax Class:- Retail customerclass is selected by default and you can also create custom class by clicking onadd new tax class.
  • Product Tax Class: Taxable goods class is selected by default and you can also create custom class by clicking on add new tax class.
  • Priority: Set the priority to determine which tax should be applied first when more than one tax are enabled.
  • Calculate Off Subtotal Only: Tick the calculate off subtotal onlyif you want to apply tax on subtotal
  • Sort Order: Set the sort order to arrange them in the list of the tax rules.

Step 5: Click on Save Rule button.

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