Setting up ‘Terms and Conditions’ in Magento 2

Setting up Terms and Conditions in Magento 2

When the Terms and Conditions are enabled, customers must accept the terms and conditions before finalizing the purchase. The Terms and Conditions of Sale generally include disclosure information that may be required by law. The Terms and Conditions message appears after the payment information, just before the Place Order button.

To setting up “Terms and Conditions” follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration.

Step 2: Click on Sales and select Checkout.

Step 3: In Checkout Options do the following:

  • Check that Enable Onepage Checkout is set to Yes.
  • Select Enable Terms and Conditions to Yes.

Step 4: Click on Save Config.

Add Your Terms and Conditions in Magento 2

To add your “Terms and Conditions” follow below steps:

Step 1:In Admin go to Stores -> Settings -> Terms & Conditions.

Step 2: Click on Add New Condition.

  • Condition Name: Enter the condition name for internal reference.
  • Status: Select status to Enable.
  • Show Content as: Select show content as one of the following.
TextDisplays the terms and conditions content as unformatted text.
HTMLDisplays the terms and conditions content as HTML which can be formatted as you like.
  • Applied: Select any one Automatically or Manually (recommended).
  • Checkbox Text: Enter the checkbox text to be used as the text for the Terms and Conditions link. For example, I understand and accept the terms and conditions of the sale.
  • Content: In this section, You can enter the full text of the terms and conditions for the sale.
  • Content Height (CSS): In this section, you can determine the height of the text box in pixels where the terms and conditions appear during checkout.

Step 3: Click on Save Condition button.

You will see terms & conditions on the frontend while placing an order. We can also read terms & conditions by clicking on “I agree with the terms & conditions”. The customer needs to check on the checkbox to Place Order.

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