Shopify SEO — 10 Ways To make a Shopify Store Rank In Search Results

Shopify SEO — 10 Ways To make a Shopify Store Rank In Search Results

Without promotion no product can be sold offline or online in huge quantity. The far most important step is to build a unique online store with the help of qualified developers’ team who should have ample years of experience for different types and sizes of companies to their credit. The next step comes with the Shopify SEO to rank the website on Google. We assure you to improve the quality and quantity of audience to shopify store and receive high-volume organic traffic.

10 Ways to make a Shopify store rank in Search results:

  1. Keywords: Any online site gets brand recognition and number of visitors according to the keywords used by technical team. We depute a SEO team to accomplish the task of selecting the keywords relevant to your brand and products, frequently searched by shoppers, achievable keywords. Our technical staff is qualified enough to use the latest keyword strategy.
  2.  Keywords optimization: After identification of the relevant keywords we make Google aware of the same by using those keywords in content throughout your website that include Page titles, Meta description, Page headings, Page content, images, Videos and URLs.
  3. Website Architecture: This is a crucial part because site structure is very important and used by search engines to determine the genuineness of products on your website and the store can be easily navigated.
  4. Google and Bing registration: To show your existence on the web it is important to register your store to get search engines aware about your brand.
  5. Activate an SSL certificate: We suggest our clients to activate SSL certificate so that search engines increase show trust in your brand and website.
  6. Speed: Search engine results depend on website speed. So, our technical guys work hard to gain speed while loading pages with our tested tools and technology.
    – Image sizes
    – Font Type
    – Minimum custom codes
    – Plugins
  7. Content: Our developers know that content is the king and put sincere efforts to create meaningful, helpful, unique, interested, in-depth content beyond your product pages. Online visitors get attracted to a website if they find good blogs, articles and information guide in well-organized manner. We make sure that the content we post is relevant to keywords, has quality and substantial length.
  8. Reduce bounce rate: We focus on reducing bounce rate by engaging more and more online customers to your website thus increase conversion rate. If you want to make a shopify store rank in search results; monitor bounce rate and take action accordingly. Our smart team build your website with popups, discounts and offers, product recommendations, free and fast shipping choices.
  9. Mobile optimization: In today’s scenario mobile optimization is must to rank in Google search results. We work on mobile-friendly themes, visible and readable text, clear and large call to action buttons.
  10. Increase traffic: Our past experiences never let us forget the aim to build a shopify website. Our clients may be from different businesses but the idea of approaching us for promoting their website is to increase genuine traffic. We help them achieve the same by investing in Google ads, multi-channel selling and rigorous social media marketing.

We focus on:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Bring organic traffic
  • Increase sales graph

Bay20 SEO experts can help you take your brand to new heights by using hard core technology and drive positive results for business.

Our expertise:

  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Page speed optimization
  • Responsive design
  • Testing

We offer you SEO services where you can devote more time focus on other core activities in your business. You will have peace of mind by relying on our experts to store your shopify website rank. We daily work with SEO and get in touch on the changes with Google’s algorithm. Our solid search engine optimization plan will help you boost ranking in the search results. Our constant monitoring will measure that what strategy is driving results and what areas need improvement. Our flexible prices will allow you select the SEO plan of your choice, and budget. You can check our clients’ testimonials and reviews that will portray a clear picture about our efficiency and success ratio.

If you want to understand more about our SEO techniques to promote your business, contact us online or initiate live chat about creating a custom SEO campaign.