Shopify is the most successful platform to sell, ship and manage your products. We have proven track record of successfully handled different projects on shopify. Using our services you can add products, process orders and enter store data. We assure to provide full support by our designers to the online business owners. We have premium themes to offer as per the client’s requirement.

We build your website from scratch till finish with ground-up development. Our developers dig deeper into how to customize the best shopify theme according to client’s requirement. The development workflow is the best in shopify of any online platform both in terms of front-end and back-end.

We are capable to customize everything related to ecommerce customers and maintain balance between familiarity and originality. Our main purpose is to display our client’s product beautifully and make it easy to update, purchase, add, remove, manage, and list across multiple sales channels.

Shopify theme optimization demands governing exactly what your online customers’ experience, unless they fail to become genuine customers. Our theme optimization can be trusted and customers can be confident that their personal and payment information is safe. We will set up your shopify store for success in terms of marketing, customization, or web design and development services. It is important to understand core features to build customized themes.

We have compiled a list of hints, tips, and tricks for customizing shopify themes and take our business owner’s site to the next level.

Our services:

  • Development walk through
  • Products, collections, and pages
  • Products and their variants
  • Pages and blogs
  • Themes and Liquid explained
  • Layouts and templates
  • Filters and loops
  • Using alternate templates and snippets
  • Checkout
  • Theme settings
  • A better development workflow
  • Advanced theme development
  • Product customizations
  • Filtering, sorting, and viewing collections
  • Advanced workflow and deployment
  • Automating your workflow
  • Deploying Shopify Themes

Bay20 beautifully complements its services with the quick response times and a cutting edge infrastructure.

Why to hire us?

Relevant Experience and proven skills:

If you want top-quality customized shopify ecommerce websites, must ensure that the development partner is fully qualified and experienced. We have good knowledge of shopify with enough API integration, high level experience at building ecommerce stores for different brands. Our developers are well-equipped with shopify theme and knowledge of when to use Javascript, writing plug-ins, use of snippets, and able to maintain decent load times and past record of great performance.

Evaluate work strategy and provide process detail:

Our development team use proficient integration of an eye-catching and effective design with user-friendly and intuitive functionality and smooth navigation for buyers. We follow unique approach to ensure the desired outcome and with additional customizations we try to make your store more appealing and presentable to reach the targeted audience.

Excellent communication skills:

Our technical team is highly educated and possess the requisite communication skills to understand the shopify customization needs and deliver the tasks on time given by the client and provide the expected services. Before hiring any developer we evaluate them on their communication and aptitude in addition to technical know-how. We are particular regarding time commitment to our client and leave no lapses due to communication.

Clear agreement policies:

We carry suitable and clear agreement policies with our client in terms of pricing, timely delivery, quality, service standards. We want to be crystal clear with our client regarding agreement policies.

As a leading software development agency we have been working on variety of ecommerce platforms including shopify.

We are confident upon:

  • Expertise
  • Portfolio
  • Work approach
  • Data-driven Design and revenue generation
  • State-of-the-art cloud technology
  • Strategic marketing campaigns

We are specialized in helping entrepreneurs become a brand and successful on shopify with unique design, development, and customization and generate revenue for business. We can customize any checkout process as per our client’s need. We expertise in ecommerce developing conversion, optimization, and system integration, designing, and promoting websites for small, or designing, and product that stand the test of time. We help you with theme design, customization and transforming of existing theme to shopify.

If you are looking for an affordable, scalable and quality theme customization company we are the best option. We focus on strategy, technology, customized theme and design, launch maintenance and also market it to bring you more customers.