Shopware 6.5: Everything About the New Major Release

Shopware 6.5

Shopware 6.5 is released by Shopware! It’s time to welcome new improvements and innovations. What technical changes can we expect? What new features can we expect?

Shopware 6.5 comes with a Performance boost.

Using the latest version of Shopware will greatly improve the performance of the website.

  • 5x faster order processing
  • 4.5x improvement in average response time for all pages
  • 3x increase in request throughput without caching

Is there such a thing? Offloaded tasks from the database to Redis to reduce load, remove database locks, and improve caching strategies.

Now the admin is 200% faster on this major release of Shopware 6.5

In Shopware 6.5 the file size is reduced by up to 600%. Also implemented lazy loading that only loads content such as images and videos when it’s actually needed. In summary, expect a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable experience with Shopware 6.5

Other Improvements in Shopware 6.5

In Shopware 6.5 they have cleaned up the software code and got rid of unnecessary codes.

Improvements in core and admin in Shopware 6.5

  • Open Search integration (Elastic Search is still supported)
  • A new message queue and more features are included in the Symfony version.
  • Improved interoperability with plugin-system-based programs thanks to a new updater
  • dependency removal
  • improved design

Also improvements in the storefront of Shopware 6.5

  • Update to Bootstrap 5
  • Removed jQuery
  • Optimized design

Is there a country to which delivery is not possible? Inform your clients in advance.

Deliveries that are simple and more crucial than ever to your clients in the modern world. Any prospective delivery limits must be made known as soon as possible.

In Shopware 6.5 they have changed the warnings that customers see when delivery to a specific country is not possible. Currently, the warnings can be seen at a number of touchpoints and early in the customer experience. Customers are informed directly, for instance, throughout the registration process rather than right before checkout. This improves transparency while lowering bounce rates and cart abandonment rates.

Shopware 6.5

Various address formats How addresses are searched for and displayed is up to you.

The standard address formats vary throughout nations and regions, particularly when it comes to postal codes.

Since you, the merchant is the one who best understands the demands of your target markets, we provide you the freedom to modify and validate address formats in accordance with your requirements.

Select between our standard validation or a customized advanced validation.

Create your own address forms by dragging and dropping additional fields or separators.

Shopware 6.5

You can customize your preferred address layout in this manner for several nations and areas. In any location where addresses are presented and questioned, the following layout will be visible to you and your customers:

  • In the storefront
  • In the administration
  • In documents with address information

Clarity when creating rules is improved by the rule builder

You have the ability to develop unique rules based on conditions using Rule Builder. There are many other situations and use cases that could apply, whether you want to organize promotions or figure out shipping costs. But not every criteria can be applied in every situation. For instance, a rule that already exists can conflict with a new rule you are seeking to establish.

Explanatory fields have been added to make it easier to create rules by explaining why certain conditions or rules might not be assignable. This makes creating rules even simpler and clearer.

Shopware 6.5

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