Shopware 6 – Call Center Application

Shopware 6 call center application

Bay20 team successfully implemented a Call Center application using the Symfony framework. The solution allows you to automatically synchronize Shopware 6 orders, customers & status records and can handle business-critical data. With this application, customer support agents can easily track the order as well as customer information without direct Shopware shop access.

Technology Stack: Symfony, Shopware6, Twig [Template Engine], PHP, Mysql, Jquery, Bootstrap

Application Features:

  • With our Call Center application, you can able to fetch Order & Customer data from your Shopware store
  • Interactive dashboard which shows you the summary for orders coming from Shopware 6, Amazon, Ebay & other platforms added to your shop. It will show you the data in graphical format too.
  • You’ll be able to create new Customers & Orders for your Shopware 6 shop from our application directly.
  • You can give your staff the ability to have full access control or give them certain spheres of responsibility by creating roles that are only responsible for a few activities.
  • With the help of our application, you can easily manage your multiple Shopware shops data in a single interface, as you can easily fetch the shop data in a single shop selection.

Interactive Dashboard
shopware 6

Order Listing
order listing shopware 6

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