Shopware 6 SEO Features

Shopware 6 SEO Features

Shopware comes with lots of search engine optimization features that allow merchants to make their website more visible on all search engines. Below are few suggestions that help your store rank on different search engines.

Verify Google Analytics Tracking Codes in Shopware 6

Google Analytics is a totally free tool provided by Google itself. “GA” is generally used to track website activities such as Total Users, New Users, Bounce Rate, Sessions, Sessions Durations, Realtime audience, Organic search, sales activity, performance, etc.  Store owner easily knows their online eCommerce store activities. To verify Google Analytic Tracking Code in the store admin

Step 1: Go to Google Analytics admin and Copy analytics ID

Step 2: Click on your sales channel and go to the Analytics section and add your analytics id.

Setting robots.txt

A robots.txt file is just a text file with no HTML markup code which is saved as ‘.txt‘. It provides instruction to web crawler bot to follow the specific products or pages and it doesn’t follow some security pages like admin login, payment detail, etc. If you want to hide your page from search engines. You can easily disallow the pages with the help of robots.txt. If you want to view the robots.txt page just type the home page URL then add robots.txt like the below example.

By default, Shopware does not have the option to directly adjust your Robots.txt. You can do this directly in the code (/public/robots.txt) if needed. You can create robots.txt manually and upload it to the website root folder. As you see in the image below:

You can also add a sitemap file path in robots.txt and allow the search engine to access the sitemap. To create a sitemap run this command in your shopware directory.

bin/console sitemap:generate

Create href-language for default (single) Store and Multistore

Add Href Language for Default in shopware 6

Go to the sales channel Storefront > General > Enable Hreflang > Save

Add Href Language for Multistore in Shopware 6

Go to the sales channel Storefront > General > Domain > Add Domain > Save

Add Favicon Icon

Favicon also defines a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon. Generally, a favicon is a small image that represents your website which is found in the address bar of any web browser. Well, adding a favicon icon helps to attract more customers and easy to find users according to their uses.

 Favicon icons generally look like

But in shopware 6 a website owner easily add a favicon icon. To add and update the favicon icon, Go to Themes > Select and Edit Theme > Upload File > Save

Meta Tags SEO Optimization

Meta tags play an important role to improve your website ranking on search engines like google. Setting a Meta Tags is highly important for any eCommerce store because it provides visitors with information about your website.

To improve your rankings on SERPs, one needs to add Meta Tags. To create Home page Meta Tags in Shopware 6 store, Go to Catalogues > Categories > Home > SEO > Save

Add Meta Tags in Category Page

To add Meta Tags in Category Page in Shopware 6 store. Go to Catalogues > Categories > Select Categories Page > SEO > Save

Add Meta Tags on Product Page

To add Meta Tags on Product Page in Shopware 6 store

Go to Catalogues > Products > Select and Edit Product Page > SEO > Save

Updating or adding Alt attributes for image tags

Alt attributes are also known as Alternative text which is used within HTML image tags to describe the image text alternative for search engines. Alt text helps search engine web crawler to recognize the image and show them as a result when someone searches to same terms. Image alt attribute example shown below.

To add Alt tags in images for SEO in Shopware 6

Go to Content > Media > Select Media File > Select Image > Alt Text

Some SEO Tips to Improve your eCommerce Store

Tips 1: Use Proper and Accurate Keywords

Keywords mean words that users use to find the website. It’s really important to use relevant keywords on your website, So users can easily find you. Using proper keywords will improve your ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) and get more traffic. You can easily find the best and most accurate keywords for your product by using the following tools.

Tips 2: Use Proper and Correct Product Title

You need to use relevant titles for your products, you finalize the title by reviewing your competitor’s websites. Keep product title length from 55 to 60 characters only. Quality title tags help to rank search engine first pages.

Tips 3: Proper and Correct Product Description

Proper use of natural and accurate description help to improve website ranking and also search engine web crawler and users easily understand about the product. Please avoid keyword stuffing in the product descriptions. Use description in a natural way by focusing on the product title. Keep product description length 155 to 160 characters.

Tips 4: Optimize Website

Search engines give more preference to the website which are optimized properly. Try to use nextgen images like webp, keep JS files below the content to eliminate render-blocking. Also, more recommendations can be found when you test your website on google page speed.

Tips 5: Remove broken Links

If you don’t want to harm your website, you need to check broken links manually and remove them from the website. You can check your broken link by using these tools

Tips 6: Update Sitemap.xml

Creating and Updating sitemap.xml on regular basis is the best solution to index and ranks every single page in the search engine. You can manually submit a sitemap.xml in robots.txt, google search console, bing webmaster tools.

Tips 7: Start Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are another factor to improve your eCommerce store in search engine result pages (SERPs).  Backlink is also known as Off-Page SEO Strategy. Create High quality backlinks provides lots of benefits like get referral traffics on website, increase Data Authority, Page Authority, Improve Organic Ranking, Getting better search engine ranking, Fast Indexing etc.

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