Shopware Theme Development

Shopware must be observed first- hand and under the hood. It is a powerful, modern overhauled technology. The base code has direct impact on the performance of the system and is very efficient. It is an open source platform that’s involves thousands of developers for improvement and development of the system. Shopware guarantees of your investment and meets higher standard, plugin system makes it possible to extend both backend and frontend. Shopware can be extended and shaped according to the requirements of the nature particular ecommerce business.

If you select for individual shopware theme, it may require a lot of time, special skills and dedicated work.

How we create shopware theme demo:

  • Concept of Design creation according to the need of client domain

  • Selection of Colour, Images and fonts scheme

  • Creation of template and design for landing pages, Article detail and listing page, Navigation and Footer etc.

  • Design creation using Graphic tools

  • Implementation of design

Our shopware frontend and theme developers are experts to modify these theme demos according to your requirements that saves time and cost. We leave no stone unturned to help you setup your own ecommerce store without compromising on quality and performance of the design. Our shopware themes are responsive to mobile and tablet, Installable from our shopware backend without effecting core files and shopware version remains updated and secure all the time. We provide clean and unique design with added features such as new product displays, powerful backend module and infinite scrolling.

Shopware Theme development Features include:

  • Theme inheritance system is totally transparent and can be modified

  • Specific Theme registration on Smarty Plugins

  • Theme directory has snippets included

  • Restructured HTML structure

  • Retina ready images for products

  • Colours can be modified of the entire theme

  • Built-in compiler

  • Built-in Java Script compressor

  • Customized off-canvas panel

  • State of the art technologies

Shopware themes are divided in sections with multiple subsections each and in addition template files are divided even smaller parts to increase maintainability and usability. Our expert theme developers know the importance of a good, attractive and conversion rate generating themes. They understand the impact a strong theme based ecommerce website leave an impression on customers mind.

Our shopware theme development process provides you with the following advantages:

  • Static or responsive theme layout with one or two columns

  • Content can be displayed anywhere on the site according to client choice

  • Theme can specify which device or actions makes website visible

  • Customize its typography and design element

  • Images and videos can be included at any place in your theme

Bay20 offer a theme which does not add critical functionality which means when user changes theme the access to that functionality is lost. By moving critical features to plugins, you can change the website while the functionality remains the same. Our experienced team know that themes are more than colour and layout therefore we provide incredibly powerful themes which improve the engagement with your website content In addition to being beautiful. We mainly focus on colour; layout and style elements while developing a theme for our client and know that it has got direct impact on user’s experience.

If you want additional functionality for your online shopware store, attractive theme design for storefronts, want to stand out from a crowd and with minimum cost and high gain, you can call upon our reliable services for your shopware theme development.