Shopware5 To Shopware6 Upgrade –

Bay20 did Shopware5 to shopware6 upgrade for is Germany based premium provider of health related products. Recently, we have upgraded their store from shopware5 to shopware6. Lets go through the process in brief.

  1. Data Migration : We created a Development setup with latest version of shopware6. We migrated all data from shopware5 to shopware6.
  2. Theme Development : We developed a theme from scratch to match the design of shopware5 with some improvements as per client`s requirements.
  3. Plugins: We installed all plugins and perform all needed customization.
  4. Configurations : We configure all important aspects like payment gateway, shipping etc.
  5. Testing : Most important phase of a project is testing. We performed cross browser and cross device testing.
  6. Delta Migration : Before putting store live we migrated all data which was created in store during Development to make it upto date.
  7. Deployment : We move latest Shopware6 store on live and monitor.

This store is working on shopware6 now without any issues. Bay20 team implements another shopware6 upgrade successfully.

If you have a shopware5 store which requires upgrade. Please email to for a free review.

Please contact us at or call us at +91-8800519180 for any support related to shopware 5. You can also visit the Shopware 5 development page to check the services we offer.

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