Speed Matters – Prestashop stores with good load time sell more!

Your website may have plenty of plugins, multiple payment options, glamorous looks but everything is useless if it does not have a good load time speed. You may lose your potential customer. It may bring down the image of the website and visitors may get frustrated and switchover to other e-commerce web sites. Therefore, losing a potential customer depends upon the load time speed.

For a successful e-commerce business website needs to load quickly. The more the loading speed the higher the conversion rate. Load time really affects the e-commerce business. If a page take more time for loading then it may have an adverse result in terms of business profit.

When consumer any e-commerce website they make quick search and don’t like slow loading of the page they desire to open. Prestashop stores make sure that bounce rate should not be higher. Usually found that if a website takes more time to load consumers likely to abandon the website.

If a customer makes up the mind to go online and do shopping they don’t want to stop on any page for a longer time and want their purchase to finish immediately. If the bounce rate is higher the conversion rate automatically comes down which ultimately affect the profitability of the business and search engine ranking.

A site quality is determined by many factors and one such important factor is Search engine ranking. Consumer normally visits those e-commerce websites which are on the top of Google ranking. But if a site takes more loading time then gradually the search engine ranking become low and affect the business.

If you have less traffic on your site you will lose lot of business and search result will show lower rank and fewer people will be interested to buy products from your Prestashop store.

Prestashop website owners must visit their website to get the idea of loading time per page. If the page opens with in 2-3 seconds it is acceptable and if it take more 3 seconds then Prestashop website developers should test site’s speed with online tools.

If your site is hosted on a poor and undependable server then load time will be higher for visitors whenever they try to connect the server.

Always optimize your website for speed. If your website will have more images or heavy image files to download then it will take higher load time for visitors.

Sometimes more plugins are used that will also make your website load time slower. Therefore, put only required plugins for the growth of business.

Being a Prestashop store owner you should never overlook your site’s loading speed. A fast loading website will convert more business than a slow load time website.

We provide speed optimization for Prestashop and by using default optimization technique we check the server compatibility with system and apple full page cache and server optimization. We have worked on many Prestsashop sites for speed optimization and produced unbelievable results. The technique used by us are mainly optimize server for better performance, configure full page cache and varnish, checking for possible malpractice. We also use other techniques like image optimization. If you feel that your prestashop stores pages takes longer time to load our prestashop developer will fix the issue quickly.

For more information please mail us at manish@bay20.com