Success Story – 8000+ Installs of this app Acontecer Dominicano Oficial in less than a month’s time

Like many products and businesses the apps are the mere result of innovation and passion. If any restaurant is opened people will go there because it is near to your place. Manufacture an average set of sun glasses people may buy them for looks or they are only available in the market. On the other hand for creating any app if you don’t have the passion to dig deep and discover a unique function for your app you can’t create history or a success story to remember. The successful app developer will release new apps with their innovative ideas and face many challenges themselves to do better with every development.

App developers can bring change in world. Few apps help you find out dates, navigate the places in our city, make addiction to games, how to pay for products etc. but very few go beyond the way. One such success story of creating an AD (Acontecer Dominicano Oficial) is accomplished by Bay 20 Software C.S. Pvt. Ltd. It is a niche app with 5000+ installs in less than a month’s time. It is completely native android app which links wordpress based news websites.

The app provides you with valuable usage data, app installs count and user engagement. The wordpress based news websites are connected with AD mobile app. In this App we have integrated Facebook audience network, youtube api, facebook videos api and push notification.

Develop app for mobile devices needs lot of sincere consideration and constant efforts. The AD app was designed keeping in mind that mobile devices run on battery and they have less powerful processors than computers. Our developers have kept in mind the hardware specifications, configuration, screen size and above all the strong competition in mobile software.

Our mobile app has passed through specialized integrated development environments and first tested within development environment and then field testing afterwards. If any change is made on the website there is a change on the mobile without putting any extra effort. It has hit 8000+ installs within a month time which means it is getting popular amongst the users because of its features.

The most important thing of success story is good communication with each other in our team and client.

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