Top 5 Shopware 6 Plugins are Excellent to Start

Top 5 Shopware Plugins

From the beginning, Shopware has been known for its robust eCommerce capabilities. You won’t make a mistake in beginning your online business with Shopware’s eCommerce development platform. The owners of certain enterprises believe that they require bespoke features or functionalities that can only be delivered through add-ons in specific industries. Irrespective of this belief, Shopware 6 has various plugins (add-ons) of several types. Your Shopware store will be able to do more with these plugins. Here are the best free Shopware plugins you may use in your store.

1. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a service where consumers can use their familiar and trusted Amazon login credentials and the payment information stored in their Amazon account to complete a transaction.


  • Supports multiple languages like English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish
  • Multiple different charge modes (manual, immediately, on order state change)
  • Supports capture and refunds directly via the Shopware order management
  • Extensive test and logging functionality

2. Pickware ERP Starter

Pickware is an ERP system developed especially for Shopware and is directly integrated into the Shopware backend. Therefore, there is no need for a separate system with disassociated data storage. It doesn’t matter if you sell in your online shop, on marketplaces, or in retail stores – with Shopware and Pickware, all data is stored in one system.


  • Automatic stock reduction when sending a purchase order
  • Automatic stock entry when returning a purchase order
  • Filterable and exportable stock overview of all products
  • Set a reorder point per product

3. Shopware Security Plugin

Because of the prevalence of online fraud, shoppers aren’t always sure they can rely on every online retailer to deliver on their promises. Malicious customers may target even online businesses, resulting in losses due to credit card chargebacks and refunds sought by clients who claim never received their products. As a result, you must take every precaution to keep your Shopware store safe. Protect your store from security threats with the Shopware Security Plugin. Installing the plugin is as simple as going to your Shopware admin and activating it.


  • Observe any file changes
  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Incorporation of Google
  • This app does not have a Shopware 6 successor.

4. Google Shopping, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

The Google Shopping, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads plugin takes care of all technical tasks, such as creating and updating the product data feed and installing conversion tracking for Google Ads and Facebook & Instagram. For advertising on Google, existing Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts can be connected to e-marketing.


  • Conversion tracking incl. shopping cart values, retargeting/remarketing tags
  • Informative dashboards with all important information on product and performance data
  • Campaign creation for Google Shopping & Facebook & Instagram without expert knowledge
  • Continuous, automatic optimization to maximize sales

5. DHL Adapter powered by Pickware

DHL is a well-known and well-respected international shipping company. As a Shopware user, you can quickly and easily produce DHL shipping labels with this plugin. Using the DHL Adapter, your online shop can be immediately linked to your DHL account. Because of this, there are no additional expenditures other than delivery fees.

You can generate the shipping and return labels you need, and they will be available as a PDF in the backend, where you can print them out right away. The Shopware backend makes it easy to remove incorrect shipping labels.

  • Creation of remittance labels
  • Printing of shipping labels without corresponding orders
  • Product data is used to calculate the weight automatically.
  • Tracking of shipments from the order summary
  • Automated tracking link incorporation in the Shopware shipment notification
  • Support for the desired time of day, Packstation, and postal outlets.

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