Upgrade Magento1 to Magento2

Upgrade Magento1 to Magento2

Magento2 is already taking lead over Magento1 in the fast-moving world of e-commerce. Many testings have been implied and after the bugs being successfully eradicated many online stores have prepared to migrate from Magento1 to Magento2.

So this is the right time to go in depth to cross-check important and useful variations between both the software and upgrade Magento1 to Magento2. The earlier version was prepared as a flexible platform but only focusing on the flexibility didn’t work out to make it high-performing and user-friendly platform. Some important tools seem to be missing such as admin capabilities, mobile-responsiveness, and performance optimization. The other important reason that the Magento team designed upgraded platform was its slow speed.

Magento2 has come up with excellent features and has surpassed other top platforms like Woo commerce and Shopify.


As compared to Magento1 the updated Magento2 runs much faster and thus gives better performance. It encourages the sales and more revenue generation. Pages load much faster due to full-page caching built into the platform. Catalog pages are well handled without getting speed slowing down. This feature makes Magento2 scalable for big online stores.

Absolutely Responsive

Magento2 has responsive design that grants opportunity to developers to create the store completely responsive. The latest version works with smartphone, desktop, tablet and notebook. One has now more choice to use different themes.

More Safer

As compared to its predecessors Magento2 is more safer. Developers feel easier to protect code against huge array of security breaches. Now security patches and implementing updates are easier and quite faster. If an online store has been facing cybersecurity issues, password theft, site slowdown, disclosure of personal information Magento2 is the right choice.

Improved File structure and new technology

The file structure has changed into modular that means every module has its own directory which helps developers for creating customized themes. Magento2 totally works on latest technology to enhance performance, make themes fully responsive and offers a huge range of visual options.

Different Design Editor

The new visual design editor is a boon for e-commerce store owners because it makes the theme adjusting process simpler by means of a visual drag and drop menu.

Default CSS preprocessing

The latest version of Magento2 is equipped with default CSS preprocessing that offers developers to maintain and expand the system, speeds up front-end development.

Flexible front-end library

Magento2 has core elements and has flexible front-end library such as navigation, breadcrumbs, dropdown, buttons and many more. The latest technology enables developers the opportunity to change existing themes or even create new one.

User friendliness

Magento2 has another exciting feature that is its user friendliness. The shop management consists of content, products and marketing management consists of terms and conditions, configuration, tax rules. Now adding fresh products and modification in existing products has become easier.

Flawless testing framework

Magento2 has flawless testing framework which allows developers to create own tests for immediate success when e-commerce store goes live.

New Extensions

Magento2 platform has come up with newly added extensions which pave the way for lot of extra functionalities. The developers will be able to take full benefit from lot of newly added extensions such as payment gateways like Braintree and PayPal.

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