What is BigCommerce, And How Does It Work?

What Is BigCommerce

The term “BigCommerce” has come to mean “big business.” As a premium hosted e-commerce solution, BigCommerce lets companies create an online store, customize it to their liking, and sell unlimited digital, physical, and even service-based products to their consumers across the globe.

As long as you have access to a web browser and the Internet, you may build and run your business from any place. Using BigCommerce does not need to purchase or install web hosting or any other software on your PC.

You just have to pay a little fee each month to keep using it since it’s a SaaS (Software as a Service). I’ll get into the specifics of BigCommerce’s pricing in a moment.

Customers and developers who are familiar with HTML and CSS should have little trouble customizing their online stores, despite the platform’s more advanced features necessitating an extensive learning curve.

What is BigCommerce used for

Organizations that are both large and fast-growing will find BigCommerce the best choice. Built-in tools and features are available to help you expand your online company. It’s easy to keep track of your store’s successes and potential development areas when you have an effective reporting system in place.

Numerous sales tools are pre-installed on your BigCommerce shop when you first sign up for an account. The reason for this is mostly due to the fact that BigCommerce does not require the difficulty of downloading a big number of programs to boost your business’s functioning as Shopify does.

The BigCommerce features

Website Customization

Thanks to its flexible platform, it’s possible to do a lot with BigCommerce. Customizing fast-loading templates to fit the needs of a specific company is a snap using the BigCommerce Stencil Upgrade architecture. With these pre-built responsive templates that are simple to customize, you can quickly and easily construct an online store that resonates with your customers and displays your products. The stencil gives developers the ability to design shopping cart templates to have even more control over their projects.

Search Engine and Analytics Optimization

Businesses may benefit from BigCommerce’s built-in SEO features, which can help them improve their online presence. User behavior and page and product performance are shown in its analytics dashboard. Consequently, BigCommerce’s in-house team is always trying to enhance the usability of its analytics suites.

Keeping track of payments and stock

BigCommerce supports third-party payment methods. PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Pay with Amazon, and others are among the key vendors they take payments from. This feature enables enterprises to choose the appropriate service for their requirements depending on the essential features of their target consumers.

Access to third-party software integrations

There is a marketplace for third-party apps that have been approved and reviewed by the BigCommerce team. A vibrant community of app developers and a thriving app marketplace may help businesses get the custom features they want for their websites.

Is BigCommerce profitable and easy to use

Subscription-based business models reduce the need for extra hardware and hosting fees by including hosting as part of the monthly subscription fee. There’s no need to be concerned about server-side technical problems with BigCommerce because of its well-publicized 99.9 percent uptime.

Website creation takes typically between two and four months to complete. According to the provider, this is a fraction of the time to set up an on-premise eCommerce store.

Compared to competing e-commerce systems, BigCommerce requires less in-house staff to run and maintain the website. The monthly membership subscription for BigCommerce includes upgrades and updates, helping businesses to reduce technical debt and save money in the long term. Because of the potential savings in the total cost of ownership, SaaS vendors frequently find that they have more money to invest in other areas of their business, such as marketing.

BigCommerce costing

BigCommerce’s pricing is broken down into different tiers based on the amount of money a customer produces online:

  • Standard – $29.95 per month 
  • Plus -$79.95 per month
  • Pro – $299.95 per month

BigCommerce charges a minimum of $2.59 percent for debit and credit card processing. On this page, you can view the price of each plan. In some instances, you may be eligible for the processing rate that has been advertised for that plan. To be eligible, your firm must be based in the United States.

To use a PayPal powered by Braintree trial account with BigCommerce, you must first choose a BigCommerce plan that meets your requirements (Plus, Pro, or Enterprise). Get into the Client Area of your BigCommerce account, agree to all plan terms, and set up a payment method.

Is BigCommerce good for eCommerce?

Companies may use BigCommerce to build up an online store and sell their products on the Internet by paying for a “hosted” eCommerce system. To utilize BigCommerce as a hosted solution, you don’t need to pay for web hosting or install anything on your PC. You can start and run your company from wherever you have an internet connection and a web browser. An eCommerce platform known as BigCommerce enables online stores to grow to new heights. With more built-in capabilities for selling than any of its competitors, its whole package includes superb SEO and fantastic multi-channel connection as well. It is possible to sell both physical and digital goods on the platform, and some tools are included to help you advertise your company. The platform contains several customizable templates to aid you in constructing your online store.

Is BigCommerce good for small businesses?

Web commerce solutions come in several forms, from DIY models to strategic alliances with industry heavyweights, and each has its own advantages. What works for one company may not work for another in certain circumstances

Like Skullcandy and Solo Stove, several well-known firms use BigCommerce as their eCommerce platform. There is a broad range of high-quality design choices and many professional support options available with BigCommerce’s full suite of capabilities, which includes marketing and analytics. Organizations of many types use it, and BigCommerce’s features will be helpful to a significant number of smaller businesses.

As far as options go, BigCommerce is by far the most user-friendly out there. BigCommerce makes setting up an online store quickly without any coding experience.

To begin using BigCommerce, just create a free account. Your BigCommerce store is up and running in minutes by following a few basic steps, such as entering your email address and the name of your shop.

According to many customers, the onboarding procedure for BigCommerce clients is straightforward and thorough. You will be given a brief tour of the site at the beginning, telling you where the essential elements are and how to change them. Customers are also encouraged to look for and ask questions in BigCommerce’s “help” section during this journey.

For the most part, small companies don’t have an endless supply of cash set up for web design. Consequently, the price of an e-commerce platform is an essential factor to consider. On the other hand, prices aren’t always a good indicator of a product’s quality. It is possible that modest monthly payments for some alternatives, such as domain names, may cost more in the long term if not utilized appropriately.

We urge that you take advantage of BigCommerce’s free 15-day trial period without providing any credit card information before making a final decision. You can only assess whether it’s a good fit for your organization and what you’re looking for by doing this. Because BigCommerce is a fully hosted solution, you won’t have to worry about things like server storage, backups, downtime, updates, or security. As your company grows, you’ll need to update your business plan, but BigCommerce will handle the rest.

Custom pricing at BigCommerce is unusual in that it closely correlates with the firm’s overall success. Over the course of a year, the device will automatically upgrade to a more advanced model. Despite this, many retailers prefer to upgrade their plans before the limit is reached to make use of the extra capacity. However, you may quickly downgrade to a less costly BigCommerce plan if your sales begin to drop. The subscription price starts to erode your profit margins.

How to Sell Online With BigCommerce

The BigCommerce Marketplace is gradually becoming one of the most favorable options for actual eCommerce enterprises, with more than $4 billion in transactions from more than 55,000 computerized merchants. Contrary to other eCommerce arrangements, BigCommerce gives clients the ability to manage, promote, and analyze their shop’s success using the latest eCommerce innovation. BigCommerce. An average of $1 million in sales is generated by BigCommerce each month. Merchants may quickly start and run an online company and sell their products to customers. As a result, BigCommerce is a better option since they help you build your own online business and construct your own online brand. More clients may be reached via a larger variety of sales channels due to this.

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