What is new in Shopware 6 ?

What is new in Shopware 6

Regardless of end device or content, customers have a unified shopping experience across channels. The new module in the administration allows to easily defining different, such as shop page, recipe, product information, blog post and more content types in your online shop. They are offered as a separate backend menu, so that you can maintain and determine the content to be displayed in storefront or not.


  • Freely determine whether a shopping World should be visible on the start page only or on the subsequent pages.
  • Able to deactivate the automatic reloading of shopping worlds that give the customers instantaneous response.
  • It will be possible to have Shopping Worlds delivered with the source code directly.
  • New backend module give a clear overview of emails sent from the website. Everything is contained within one place from payment to order status. It can help you manually sort the products within a category using drag and drop.
  • As feedback is very important, the shopping cart can also be saved in case of a language change.
  • With improved technical innovations your page is displayed faster to the customer in the browser.
  • Unnecessary components have been removed from the source code thus accelerates delivery and reduces cache size at the same time.
  • You create custom email templates more easily and make product exports less complicated.
  • SVG support
  • Latest Technology Standard

Shopware 6 is a new technology platform that not only promises headless commerce approach but also separate frontend from backend. As the core is open to every conceivable channel that enables retailers to react quickly to market changes. The synchronized data can be used for comparison for a longer period.

Shopware 6 has global reach because of its refined infrastructure. It has been redesigned from the scratch with different technical framework.

Shopware 6 Technologies:

  • The platform fits every business model B2B or B2C
  • High Performance and Scalability
  • For Ecommerce in the cloud or On-premise
  • For diverse sales channels and front ends
  • More flexibility, less complexity

You can focus on core business with new features such as clear interface, intuitive navigation, wonderful user experience, easily extensible, consistent design and the new administration that lessens complexity.

With Shopware 6 you create flexible rules globally to customize process, shipping cost or content. Intuitive User Interface makes it possible to easily define rules with dependencies and conditions.

The language plugins can be selected and installed and get an overview of recommendations for other extensions.

With Shopware 6 you can control all sales channels from one solution and reach where your customers wherever they are. Managing product variants have become easier and can be played out individually per sales channel. You can create dynamic product catalogs with flexible filter criteria. Shopware 6 shopping experience, improves upon this underlying idea to bring the fusion of content and commerce. Shopware 6 comes with integrated Search Engine Optimization functions to make your online store prepared for organic search.

The marketing tools are easy to manage in administration and can be individually generated per sales channel. As a result, a campaign can be assigned to a certain target group and set discount to a defined group. The module is structured and can handle huge amount of data without affecting performance.

Shopware 6 uses Symfony as the standard framework. Shopware 6 provides retailers with the technological foundation to effortlessly build retail strategies across channels and devices.

The Shopware 6 storefront is based on the Bootstrap framework and uses Twig as the template engine and brings advantages for web designers, merchants and developers

The added features of shopware 6:

  • Works perfectly on all end devices
  • Lightweight and fast storefront
  • Reduced costs
  • Built upon basic code and development standards
  • Flexible for creating your own themes
  • Clear product presentation
  • Numerous sorting options
  • Customers ratings conveniently handled
  • Multi-currency and multi-language capability
  • Prepared for different legal situations in different countries
  • Country specific sales channels
  • Rule-based pricing and checkout configurations for different markets
  • Configurable tax calculation for scaling internationally

In shopware 6, retailers will have to overcome fewer hurdles when it comes to internationalizing their business. The platform offers the necessary flexibility and security to reach new markets.

Shopware 6 is the complete payment solution for your online store. The Plugin Manager is designed for managing the plugins and themes added to the store and with this module you can purchase, install, update or delete extensions.

Technology relies on standard-based technologies:

  • Symfony for the standard framework
  • Vue-js for the administration
  • Twig for the template engine
  • Bootstrap as the CSS framework

Shopware 6 follows the API-first approach, offering the necessary flexibility for retail to take place where people are; irrespective of place, time and device and to make your brand present in people’s everyday lives and unleash new growth.
Whether regarding technology or functionality, the current online store system must offer your customers the best user experience.

Shopware 6 not only offers all sorts of interesting new features but also ensures long-term stability and security.

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