What Is PrestaShop? How it Helps to Build your Online Store

What is prestashop

Gone were days when people loved to go outside shopping. Not only is it daunting but also time-consuming. In this digital era, everybody wants to save time and money. That’s become possible with the inception of the internet. However, the internet was in existence for quite a long time, but the outbreak of Coronavirus has changed the landscape of the digital world for good.

With worldwide lockdown, people were forced to stay at home, and because of this, they started relying on the digital store for essentials like groceries, medicines, etc. Not only does it become convenient to them but also e-store owners. People nowadays start accepting this new normal, and the power of the online world has given something to think to brick and mortar store owners.

This is why many physical store owners are shifting towards the online platform. And when it comes to an online platform, most people often get confused as there are many eCommerce platforms available in the market. It is pretty normal to get overwhelmed when choosing the best eCommerce platform that can cater to the needs of your business. PrestaShop is one such platform that is winning the heart of all eCommerce store owners. It is one of the open-source eCommerce solutions that can take your business to new heights. The platform is swamped with features like low maintenance, rich functionality, etc. are, why store owners are drooling over this platform.

If you are still not convinced, then let’s answer who uses PrestaShop and what PrestaShop is used for in detail.

What is PrestaShop eCommerce?

PrestaShop is an eCommerce solution that allows users to create high-quality online stores. The platform is open-source, which means it is free, and anyone can access it and create a store of their choice. However, to thrive in this competitive era, you need to have a PrestaShop developer or eCommerce development company that can help you create user- a friendly store in a matter of time. The platform is self-hosted and comes up with 65+ languages. So it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from, you can run your store in your language. And no matter what kind of business you own, whether a startup owner or medium-sized business, anybody can use PrestaShop.

The best part about PrestaShop is that it is swamped with a set of readily available features for use. Let’s focus on PrestaShop’s multiple features in detail.

Key Features Of  PrestaShop

With so many eCommerce options at your fingertip, it is pretty obvious to get confused. That’s why here we are listing out PrestaShop features.

  1. Website Builder – This eCommerce solution has a dashboard where users can create and customize their store. Free themes are limited, but if you are ready to pay, around 3000+ responsive templates are available. Based on your store, one can select the theme easily. Different developers developed these themes, so it is best to do your research before purchasing one.
  2. Marketing – To survive in this cut-throat competition, store owners have to conduct campaigns that can attract their target users to the store. And that’s not going to be possible if your eCommerce solution doesn’t offer marketing features. PrestaShop doesn’t disappoint in that department. It offers various marketing features that allow a store owner to run their campaign without any difficulty. Features like cross-selling, easy call to action, etc., help a buyer make their decision quickly. But on top of everything, its email marketing feature is worth giving a shot. Using this, a store owner can send emails to visitors based on their recent actions.
  3. Management – The other important aspect of an eCommerce store is management. Appearance and user experience are everything to customers. And to make a product attractive to users, it is vital to list multiple products, provide descriptions, easy navigation, and all. That’s where PrestaShop store management features come in handy. You can easily upload multiple product photos, and customers will get the flexibility to zoom in and out of the product. Further, store owners can easily manage inventory, order, etc., under this feature.
  4. Payment Processings – Further, the backbone of every store is its payment processing system. The customer of today’s world doesn’t want to be limited. If he is shopping in your store, he will need a variety of payment options. So to be successful store owners, you must provide a variety of options to your customers. PrestaShop does the same by offering 270+ payment modules to their users. There are various add-ons available, including a bank transfer system, online payment gateways, invoicing, recurring payment, etc.
  5. Integrations – Integration features give freedom to store owners to integrate their platform with third-party applications. It doesn’t keep you restricted to one place. And on that note, you will be glad to know that PrestaShop has around 4000 modules, including extensions and plugins for their users. However, one needs to pay for these addons.
  6. Customer Support – The good eCommerce solution is known for its customer support. If an eCommerce solution isn’t available to resolve their user’s queries in time, it is of no use. PrestaShop doesn’t let its users down. They have phone support for the user. One can give the PrestaShop team a call from Monday to Friday during working hours. Other than this, there is various documentation and training available for users if they get stuck on “how does PrestaShop work.”

Is PrestaShop Better Than Other eCommerce Platforms?

The million-dollar question comes, “ Is PrestaShop better than other eCommerce Platforms .”It is hard to decide as there are a variety of options available. But this section might clear your head. PrestaShop is considered one of the best eCommerce platforms because it is user-friendly. Not just this, Prestashop is highly adjustable, which implies one can quickly personalize their business to meet specific requirements, such as setting your preferred payment options, shipping costs, and geographical delivery areas. It presents the products in a manner we like and makes the purchase procedure easy for the users thanks to its variety of filters. Prestashop emphasizes legal compliance and enables users to customize taxes focusing on various geographic locations. Its layout also aids SEO by offering information into the store’s traffic, popular items, and sales, allowing for better consumer segmentation. Prestashop is an appealing solution for multi-business owners because it can be configured to run in a multi-store setup.


That’s it! Now you know all about the PrestaShop and why it is a preferable choice among the store owners. PrestaShop meets the need of users effectively and has very affordable pricing. So if you are opting for a PrestaShop eCommerce solution for your store, you are on the right path. But to create a store that can draw users’ attention, you need to hire PrestaShop developers that can help you create a store of your choice.

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